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Gratitude and Blessings Hawan Class 6-8
Event Start Date : 14/02/2019 Event End Date 14/02/2019

“Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions!”

Students of grades 6 to 8 gathered together on a rainy morning to be a part of hawan and gratitude ceremony, seeking blessings and showing gratitude to their teachers. Mr. Shastri along with Mr. Tripathi lead the ceremony guiding students and teachers while reciting the mantras in the most enchanting manner. It was mesmerising to see the participation of every person seeking blessings in the calm and composed aura created by the recital of powerful shlokas. After the Hawan ceremony Principal ma'am interacted with children during which, she asked about their daily routine, study pattern and eating habits during exam days. In her address ma’am Principal’s encouraged children to manage time wisely. She advised not be affected by any kind of pressure during exams. Her words of motivation helped children to understand the need of revision from time to time. Specially in Mathematics she suggested to practice on daily basis.

Students presented hand made cards to ma’am Principal as a token of gratitude. She blessed all the students and wished them all the best. Supervisory Head Ma’am Rashmi Kathuria and all other teachers shared words of wisdom, blessing the children in their own unique way. It was indeed touching to hear the students pour their heart out by coming on stage and expressing gratitude for their teachers. The ceremony culminated with distribution of prasad which was relished by one and all!