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KHMS, an ISA 2014-17 certified school has established Global Connections to develop global consciousness and promote international co-operation by empowering students through open classrooms, use of collaborative technology, communication links with partner schools across the world to become enlightened about global issues and contribute positively towards them. Global connections have been established through collaborative projects offered by British Council, professional development platforms from Microsoft, Google, Schools online etc for teachers, school leaders and co-ordinators. Such networking platforms have enhanced contributions by teachers and students on online forums and communities through several mediums. Teachers and students exchange programmes; currently ongoing with UK, Romania and Korea , cultural visits, workshops, video conferences, creation of educator communities, using various online tools ,sharing of resources, conducting partner activities and celebrating International Days are some of the activities that have sought to add international dimensions to the school curriculum thus positively impacting learner experiences.

Our Ongoing Projects

-  Embedding Core skills in the Curriculum

-  Comparative Education Systems of Partner Schools

-  Inclusive Education

-  UK Connecting Classrooms Programme

-  Designing Website through GVC

-  Udaan-the School Business Enterprise

-  Sharing and Learning tools

-  Establishing Virtual Classrooms

-  Cultural Exchange Programmes

-  Embedding Face to Faith activities in the Curriculum and many more