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KHMS, an ISA 2014-17 certified school has established Global Connections to develop global consciousness and promote international co-operation by empowering students through open classrooms, use of collaborative technology, communication links with partner schools across the world to become enlightened about global issues and contribute positively towards them. Global connections have been established through collaborative projects offered by British Council, professional development platforms from Microsoft, Google, Schools online etc for teachers, school leaders and co-ordinators. Such networking platforms have enhanced contributions by teachers and students on online forums and communities through several mediums. Teachers and students exchange programmes; currently ongoing with UK, Romania and Korea , cultural visits, workshops, video conferences, creation of educator communities, using various online tools ,sharing of resources, conducting partner activities and celebrating International Days are some of the activities that have sought to add international dimensions to the school curriculum thus positively impacting learner experiences.

KHMS has achieved numerous milestones in the past four decades. We are recipients of British Council International School Award 2017-20, 2014-17, embedding global dimensions to the curriculum. We are at present  collaborating with more than 20 schools from different parts of the world (http://khms24x7.blogspot.in , http://khmsudaan.blogspot.in ). We have well established science laboratories,Atl lab, computer labs and Interactive Mathematics lab, Digital library ,to mention a few. The school seeks to nurture talent through academics and co- curricular activities through vedic values to cultivate a modern outlook among its students. KHMS believes in exploring, learning and sharing. Through cultural exchange visits and activities students learn to become a responsible global citizens.
Our school is managed by DAVCMC (Dayanand Anglo Vedic College Managing Committee) which is running more than 900 institutions all across India.
KHMS International Journey since April 2013
  • Completed 10 international projects under the British Council International School Award accreditation programme. KHMS got ISA 2014-2017. Created http://khms24x7.blogspot.in for sharing international activities of school with partner school. Established partner school connection of KHMS with the following schools:
o   Barnes Wallis Academy, Lincolnshire, UK
o   Boston College, Boston, UK
o   Coningsby Primary School, Lincolnshire, UK
o   School no. 11, “St. O. Losif”, Brasov, Romania
o   Peshawar Model Girls Higher Secondary School, Peshawar
o   Lyceum School, Lahore
o   German International School, Indonesia
o   Ahmed Zwail Primary School, Egypt
 Our school students were able to  acquire 21st century skills viz. Communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking while learning and sharing with students of partner schools through video
Conferences and other platforms like Edmodo, Skype etc.


  • “Udaan Creating Identity” a Kulachi enterprise, received School Enterprise Challenge Top Global Prize 2014 of 5000 US Dollars from UK based organisation “Teach a Man to Fish”.  School
    Enterprise Challenge Business Development Prize 2015 of 1000 US Dollars from UK based organisation “Teach a Man to Fish”.
  • Our school is a lead school collaborating with international organization ENO (Environment Online) for promoting awareness about making our planet green and peaceful. Twice a year on 8 May and 21 September we plant for green and peaceful planet. Ms. Rashmi Kathuria is National coordinator from India for the project.
  • KHMS participated in Global Virtual Classroom contest 2014,2015,2015(Mini GVC0 40 students participated in the activity, learnt website designing and collaborated with Walton Middle School, US and developed website https://sites.google.com/a/gsbi.org/gvc1419/hom. Students won the Silver Award and school bagged a trophy and sponsorship of    500 dollars to do a charity for the
    organisation Give something back International. The Primary students bagged the bronze award for their website and award for academic excellence in year 2015. (https://sites.google.com/a/gsbi.org/gvcm103/)
  • KHMS applied for the Connecting Classroom UK Exchange grant from the British Council.  The School received 1500 pounds for the teacher exchange visit to Barnes Wallis Academy, Lincolnshire. We Completed Action research with partner school Math teacher. Mr. Pocklington and Ms. Gillian Bush visited our school for the teacher exchange in Oct-Nov, 2014. From our school Ms. Sunita Sindhwani and Ms. Rashmi Kathuria visited UK in April, 2015. The partnership strengthened the international bonds and school students are collaborating in various projects with partner schools.
  • KHMS participated in Global Virtual Classroom contest 2015 and won commendation for the website made by students. (https://sites.google.com/a/gsbi.org/gvc1501/)
  • Ms. Rashmi Kathuria got Google [Teach] Grant of 2000 USD to conduct teacher training. Only four teachers from India were selected from 700 applications.
  • The Commonwealth of Learning (COL), Vancouver, Canada established CEMCA in 1994 as an international agency to promote the meaningful, relevant and appropriate use of ICTs to serve the educational and training needs of Commonwealth member states of Asia. The Government of India notified CEMCA as a diplomatic mission under section 3 of the United Nations (privileges and immunities) Act, 1947 vide The Gazette of India, Extraordinary, Part II, Section 3, Sub-section  (ii) dated 10 February 2000. CEMCA works in eight Commonwealth countries in Asia. To extend the benefit of this modern technology, CEMCA trained teachers and tested the toolkit through a workshop conducted at Kulachi Hansraj Model School, New Delhi from 18 to 20 March, 2015. 25 Teachers from DAV Schools  benefitted from the programme. Our school was chosen as a pilot school in Asia for hosting this programme and received a grant of Rs 168000 for the same. As a next step KHMS received a grant of Rs 82000 to  conduct a training of 25 students of KHMS for creating Mobile Applications.
  • Our school bagged Face to Faith ( Generation Global) Outstanding Award in 2015 under the face to faith online programme. More than 50 students of The Kulachi Global Club are members of this online community. Students participate in team blogging, acquiring writing skills and participate in video conferences to  acquire listening skills. The programme is well received by all participants and is running successfully for past two years.
  • Our school is a Google Showcase school. Rashmi Kathuria is a Google certified teacher/Innovator/Certified Level 2. A team from Google visited our school and made a movie on the use of Google tools by students and teachers at KHMS. The clips of movie were showcased during the GEG Events in India and abroad. Our school gets a priority in all events hosted by Google in
    Delhi. Our students received  an invitation to meet Mr. Sunder Pichai, CEO, Google live at Shriram College, Delhi University. 50 students and two teachers attended the programme.
  • Our school is a Microsoft Associate Showcase School 2014, Microsoft School 2015 and Microsoft School 2016. Teachers are connected on online community of Microsoft and use Microsoft tools. Students enthusiastically participate in Compudon and bring laurels for the school. 10 teachers are MOS and 10 teachers are MCE.
  • Ms. Rashmi Kathuria, P.G.T.(Mathematics), ISA Coordinator, is amongst Top 50 Global Teacher Prize Finalist 2016 by Varkey Foundation. She was invited for VTA conference and GESF Conference, Dubai. She worked as the advisory board of VTA 2016 and connected with Top teachers of the world for embedding core skills in the curriculum.
  • 15 students and two teachers Ms. Rashmi Kathuria and Ms. Anita Chadha visited Oltea Doamna, Oradea, Romania from 3 Nov to 11 November, 2016 for students cultural exchange programme. Students stayed with Romanian families and visited school, university and Heritage sites. Our students demonstrated their skills of doing mental maths using vedic Maths techniques and Abacus.
  • The Korean Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Technology (KOFAC) and GLOBE - Republic of Korea is organised Asia-Pacific Science Fair from November 8 to November 10, 2016, in Seoul. The Asia-Pacific Globe Fair is a global venue where students and teachers collaborate to showcase their science projects and scientific skills. Two students and a teacher, Ms. Madhu Mehta visited Seoul participated in the conference. They presented on the theme Save Our Soil and won The Best Poster Award and Second Best Project (Overall).
  • Our school hosted Cultural Extravaganza Grand Finale for delegates from countries Egypt, Germany, Indonesia and Russia on 18 November, 2016. Cultural Extravaganza is an international event organized by DAV schools with their partner school under the aegis of DAVCMC. The event was held between partner schools from 15-19 November, 2016.
  • Under the British council connecting classrooms programme KHMS partnered with Boston College, UK. Ms. Gill Bush, coordinator teacher, Boston College and Ms. Rashmi Kathuria, ISA Coordinator, KHMS and other teachers of the core group  completed their core skills course. UK school applied for grant to visit the partner school in India. Two teachers Ms. Liz Purnell and Ms. Sarah Hatfield visited KHMS from 25 Nov- 2 Dec, 2016. We had a sharing of our partnership during British Council international conference in which 10 UK schools with their partners presented their journey of embedding core skills in curriculum.
  • 7 International Projects for the year 2016-17 are completed with partner schools
o   Oltea Doamna, Oradea, Romania
o   Boston College, Lincolnshire, UK
o   Mackay Memorial College, Uganda
o   SMK La Salle, Petaling Jaya Secondary School, Malaysia
o   Coningsby Primary School, UK


Our school is British Council ISA 2017-2020.
  • Ms. Rashmi Kathuria was invited by Varkey Foundation to attend GESF 2017 held at The Atlantis in Dubai in March 2017.
  • Ms. Paola, Project manager of School Enterprise Challenge, Teach a Man to Fish, UK based NGO visited our school in May 2017 for promoting and creating awareness about SEC programme. Principals and teachers of 12 schools attended the workshop. Ms.Sneh Verma, Principal KHMS and Ms. Rashmi Kathuria, Lead teacher SEC shared about our school enterprise.
  • 16 students, 3 teachers and the Principal of St. Andrew Kaggwa Gombe High School visited KHMS from 30th July 2017 to 2nd August 2017.
  • Ms. Rashmi Kathuria was invited by St. Andrew Kaggwa Gombe High School for training teachers of Uganda on use of Google Apps and Open Source from 29th Sept 2017 to 2nd Oct 2017.
  • Ms. Rashmi Kathuria attended QUDWA Forum conference in Abu Dhabi from 6th to 9th Sept 2017. She was invited as a speaker to present about School Enterprise Challenge in the conference.
  • Ms. Sally Ann Walker, Senior Project Manager visited KHMS to  interview ex student Ms. Nidhi Lahoti who is running her business of handicrafts and Jewellery online. Nidhi worked as Handicrafts manager in our school enterprise in the first year.
  • Our school was declared Mangahigh Asia no. 2 in Online Mathematics Challenge 2016. We received 295 Gold medals and a Gift voucher of 1000 dollars. At National Level we were declared at First position for consecutive two years 2016 and 2017. We received 85 gold medals in 2016 and 20 gold medals for Top 20 students in 2017. School received a gift voucher of Rs 31000 for both the years.
  • Ms Nina Vaskunlahti, Ambassador of Finland to India, Ms Katariina Oivo, Second Secretary, Ms Meenakshi Mahajan, Public Diplomacy and communication officer, Embassy of Finland in Delhi, Ms Miina Holappa Finnish School teacher and 4 children visited KHMS on 20th November for the celebration of Universal Children’s Day and  to commemorate 100 years of Independence of Finland by planting trees in the school campus.
  • Our school students and teachers are participating in Global Projects, Human Differences, Climate Change under the UN SDGs programme.
  • Ms. Neeru Gaur, German teacher at KHMS went to Germany for attending  a 1 week training programme by Max Muller.