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Clubs of the School

We believe that each child is unique and special. Every student has different interests and needs. Different clubs in the school offer ample opportunity to the students to tap their talent and associate with the like-minded people. Students are members of various clubs which provide activities commensurate with the inclination and aptitude of students.

The various clubs add to the knowledge and ability of students and help build their mental assets.


  • Einstein Club - Aims to develop a scientific temper and a spirit of inquiry with hands on learning.
  • Ramanujan Club - Students develop a keen interest in numbers and a stronger numerical ability.
  • Shakespearean Club - Students with a literary bent of mind get the right platform to hone their skills and enthuse others through their presentations.
  • E-kidz Club - Enables students to be computer-savvy and keep pace with the latest trends in IT and computers.
  • Vasundhara Club - Aims to develop the sensitivity towards environmental concerns and involve students in efforts to preserve the environment.


  • Rotary Interact Club - This club is the youth wing of Rotary International. Members take up various social projects like visits to old age homes and orphanages and community service.
  • Dramatics Club - is a attempt is to appreciate the beauty of the language through dramatics, poetry and reading sessions.
  • Vasundhara Club - An Environment Club which aims to spread awareness of the need to preserve and conserve our environment.
  • Arya Yuvak Club - The club is dedicated to spreading awareness about natural and man-made disasters and aims to prepare students for managing disasters.
  • Aryan Club - Members of this club provide community and social service to the needy and underprivileged sections of society.
  • Tech 4 us - Computer Club - Arranges workshops and seminars and competitions to expose students to latest technology in IT and Computers.
  • Ganit arya Club - Maths Club-organises various activities to bring out the beauty and logic of the subject.
  • Science Club - Aims to develop a scientific temper amongst the students and to generate awareness about scientific facts in everyday life.
  • Health and Wellness Club - Aims to develop a concrete foundation about the importance of nutrition for both mind and body and develop physically fit, mentally sound and socially active students.
  • The Kulachi Global Club - Aims to develop and

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