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Co-Scholastic Activities


Life-skills have been defined as the abilities for adoptive and positive behaviour that enables individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everybody life.

Adaptive is making flexible in approach and able to adjust to different circumstances. Positive behaviour implies that the learners are progressive in outlook and solution oriented in approach.

Life-skills include psychosocial competencies and interpersonal skills to help learners make informed choices, seeks solutions to problems, think critically, analyse creatively, communicate effectively, build healthy relationships, learn to sympathise, emphathise and cope with situations in a healthy and productive manner.

Life skills can be divided into thinking skills, emotional and social skills as per the CBSE life skills Manual.

Thinking skills reflect skills developed at a personal level, while social skills are interpersonal skills. Emotional skills are those which help convey and communicate with others, cope with feelings, emotions and stress. Life skills training is an efficacious tool which helps to empower the youth to act responsibly, take initiative and control, rise above emotional obstacles arising from conflicts and peer pressure and help them tackle anti-social elements and avoid high risk behaviour.

The school based life skills programme helps create a supportive, positive learning environment and promotes the health and wellness of children.

At KHMS, Life skills are imparted through participatory learning. Practical activities, feedback and introspection, reinforcement and application of skills to life challenges are the basic steps of inculcating life skills.

Life skills training uses a variety of tools and techniques to add interest to the strategies adopted. Class discussions, brainstorming, group activities, role play, storytelling, debates, mind-mapping, theatre, dance, music, games, are just some of the techniques adopted.

Thus fostered life skills abilities enable learners to translate knowledge, attitudes and values into actual abilities like what to do, how to do , how to cope and utilize the given opportunities. Life skills contribute to self-confidence and boost self esteem. Through the active involvement of learners psycho social competence is developed, which in turn promotes overall well being and adaptability to life situations.

Work Education

Work Education is a purposive and meaningful manual work an integral part of the learning process. It is an essential component of education and is defined by CBSE through a well structured and graded programme.

The work education programme has its roots in work education being a powerful means of developing respect and dignity for all manual work, promoting self reliance and increasing productivity through proper skill development.

It helps develop a proper attitude towards work so that children become self reliant and are competent enough to meet the day-to-day requirement of self, family and the community.

Periods are assigned for work education as per CBSE guidelines. It is integrated with the process of learning - at primary level with environmental studies and at middle and senior stage through a careful selection of activities in accordance to the concept.

Visual and Performing Arts

The visual and performing arts are an essential part of education. Engaging in the visual and performing art s deepens the overall knowledge, skills and enhances social and emotional development.

These arts have proved that students become involved in communities and perform better on standardized tests.

The visual and performing arts focus on the main strands of dance, music, theatre and visual arts.

All of which help students develop a strong sense of individualism, self reflection and self esteem.

There is a strong sense of individuality and high level of achievement associated with performing arts. Such education creates stronger bonds reinforcing the identity through collaboration, providing opportunities to know different cultures and help build higher levels of tolerance, understanding and willingness to work with people.

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