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It is rightly said by Mahatma Gandhi that "Healthy body has got a healthy mind". This clearly indicates that there is a great link between health and mind. A sharp intelligent mind is the first and foremost requirement to have the way for reaching the culmination point of success in our education. Games and sports help us in developing a wholesome personality, which includes four major spheres (physical development, mental development, social development and emotional development).

Games and sports help an individual to be physically fit through various physical activities. Due to them, and individual is able to carry out daily tasks, actively and vigorously, without undue fatigue and is still left with ample energy to meet the unforeseen emergencies like resistance to diseases etc. The co-ordination between various systems of the body enhances. All systems of the body work in co-ordination with each other.

Games and sports further help an individual to have a sharp mind. Acquisition of knowledge of various fundamental skills, becoming rules and regulations of different games, using the latest scientific equipments etc. require greater mental abilities. We achieve these abilities by participating in different games and sports. We also develop a positive attitude towards life. We become extrovert and optimistic different coordinative abilities like neuro muscular coordination, arm-eye coordination, foot eye coordination etc. are developed. Our reflex-action and quicker and stronger.

Furthermore, games and sports help us to develop various social traits like a sense of group cohesiveness, emotions, sympathy, kindness, generosity etc. a sports coaching camp at any level includes players from different regions with different languages, food habits, social and cultural traits. They all live together under one roof, play together, eat together and share with each other traditions irrespective of any cast, creed or religion, thereby spreading a message of brotherhood, friendship and fraternity. This develops a sense of Vasudhaiva Kutumbkam (the whole earth is just like a family).

We are also able to control our emotions, balance them and use them positively to improve our performance by taking part in games and sports. We do not feel proud after winning a game and do not feel dejected or blame the opponents or referee for losing a game. We accept the referee's/umpire's decision as the final decision like a gentleman. We learn to feel 'sorry' after doing a foul and 'congratulate' the opponent for coming the game.

Along with the importance of Games and Sports in the four major spheres mentioned above, we get various other opportunities provided by these games. In today's materialistic, professional and competitive world, Games and Sports provide opportunities for various professions like physical education teacher, coach, physiotherapist, sports journalist, dietician, supplier (of different sports equipments), expert in constructing and maintaining different playfields, commentators, sports psychologists etc.

Thus, we see that the importance of Games & Sports can not be ignored. They help us to be physically fit, mentally sound, socially adjustable and emotionally balanced. They are part and parcel of our education system. It is rather more appropriate to say that 'education and physical education' are born-twins. They cannot be separated. If 'education' is an 'dean', then physical education (Games and Sports) is its chief feeder.

Keeping the above mentioned things in mind, our school provides ample opportunities to all the students for participating in different games and sports. Right from the 'grass root' level, that is, nursery level, the facilities for conducting various sports activities are provided for grooming and nourishing the alround personality of a child. Expert personnel/coaches have been defeated by the school to give the best coaching in the morning in disciplines like Table-Tennis, Badminton, Taekwondo, Basketball, Hockey, Skating, Skipping rope etc. under the excellent guidance and supervision of our physical education teachers.

In the end, we must know that games and sports are not only important for our education system, but they are also an indispensable part of our lives.

Recognizing the need and importance of sports in shaping up the personality of a student, the school offers a wide range of activities/ classes based on the needs and interests of the students.

These include:-
Yoga Cricket Basket Ball Table Tennis
Gymnastics Skipping Skating Aerobics
Athletics Volley Ball Badminton Football

Extra coaching classes are provided to students for Skating, Skipping, Taekwondo, Gymnastics, Table Tennis, Cricket, Volley Ball, Basket Ball & Badminton under the guidance of expert coaches. Students wishing to enroll in the same may contact the School Reception.

  • Students must come to the ground in proper line from the class.
  • Students must be in proper sports uniform on PT days. No student will be allowed to participate in sports activity without proper uniform..
  • Students must not use abusive language or do aggressive actions in the play ground.

Classes I - VI Classes VI - XII
(on P.T. period days & Fridays) (only on P.T. period days)
Summer Winter Summer Winter
House T- Shirt Track Suits House T- Shirt Track Suits
White Shorts/ Black Gola Shoes Blue Track Pants Black Gola Shoes
Skirts   Black Gola Shoes  
White socks      
School belt      
Black Gola Shoes      
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