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Special Projects

KHMS British Council-ISA (2013-16)

Our school has applied for British Council International School Award 2013-2016).
Ms. Nita Arora, HOD (Comp. Sc.) and Ms Rashmi Kathuria, P.G.T (Mathematics) are working together as ISA coordinators.
We have planned 10 different projects for students of different age groups. They are as follows:

  • Road Accidents: A Comparative Study - UK, Sri Lanka and India
  • From our Window - Cultural exchange with Indonesia, Romania and UK
  • Mathematics in Architectures- US, England, Nederland, India
  • Food for Healthier Life - India, Indonesia, Romania, Australia
  • Noise pollution find a solution
  • Techno Trash - A Big Challenge - India, US and Japan
  • Amazing Trees of the World - Australia, Brazil, Bahrain, San Francisco, California
  • Flavours of the World - India, UK, Sri Lanka, Thailand
  • Costumes of the World - India, Egypt, Japan, Greece, Germany, Italy, France
  • Celebration of International Days

What is British Council International School Award?
The British Council International School Award (ISA) is a benchmarking scheme that accredits schools as having an outstanding level of support for:
  a. Nurturing global citizenship in young people
  b. Enriching teaching and learning
ISA was introduced in India in the year 2003 and over 600 schools across the country have joined this exciting journey since then. The range of schools participating in ISA varies from the well-resourced private schools to government schools from rural areas and schools for the less advantaged communities.

International Policy:
The world today has truly become a global village. Our students are connected to various international activities by the simple fact that technology is available to them. Individual efforts are already in place, wherein the students have a wide exposure to international links.
As a school, our primary goal is to make a conscious effort to link groups of students to one another across the world and hence initiate understanding of global issues. We hope that a tiny spark which is ignited during the formative years in school develops into a passion which enhances international peace and understanding thus making the world a more compassionate place for all.


  • To develop a conscious awareness about international issues and enable the child to feel part of a larger global and shrinking world.
  • To teach the child to face the challenges of today and take on the role of an active and responsible citizen.
  • To help the child develop a genuine love for history and to understand how past events affect and influence the present and the future.
  • To expose the child to philosophy, literature, music, art and culture from different parts of the world in order to appreciate the diversity of our planet.
  • To understand stereotypes and biases which are endemic to closed cultures and to evolve into open-minded and tolerant human beings.
  • To appreciate our own heritage and culture and understand it in a wider global context.
  • To learn about situations which go far beyond the text book, and link different disciplines and languages.
  • To develop confidence in one's own ability and feel secure that their learning will surpass all boundaries and restrictions.
  • To sensitize children so that they may be more compassionate towards all sentient beings.
  • To increase staff capability towards international understanding.


  • To develop a conscious awareness about international issues and enable the child to feel part of a larger global and shrinking world.
  • To create opportunities for learning which include an international dimension to all subjects.
  • To establish links with schools from other parts of the world.
  • To engage in a multitude of creative activities which help children express themselves freely.
  • To ensure that teachers work with one another beyond the confines of the subjects and textbooks.
  • To liaise with visitors who come to the school from different parts of the world. To seize every opportunity for our students to travel and meet people from varied backgrounds and cultures.
  • To expose the staff members to the international dimension of learning.
  • To initiate a process of sharing of all activities through discussions and displays.
  • To expose the students to a range of international cuisine.

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