Nursery Wing  
The Nursery wing is housed in a beautifully designed building to make education an enjoyable experience for the budding learners. The school is equipped with ultra modern teaching and growing facilities. The focus is on activity- based education with smart class rooms together with the celebration of cultural events & festivals with zeal and enthusiasm. It is a home away from home for the growing child. Keeping the child in mind, the school provides such delightful experiences such as a toy train ride, a colur full splash pool, a variety of indoor/outdoor games under the watchful eyes of the teachers. 
The students are made aware of things happening around them through Multimedia Demonstrations: Computer, LCD's Slide, projectors, O.H.Ps and Tape recorders are used for presentation. There are many activities designed to help our little ones to gain confidence in structured conversation, learning and recitation, rhymes, story narration etc. The child’s inborn talent is enhanced by certain activities like painting, clay modeling, free hand drawing etc. 

We at kindergarten aim at an all-round harmonious development of the child. Our instructional material includes DAV curriculum specially designed to make students learning participative and enjoyable.
  • The Child Craft Kit, Audio and Video CD's, text books and other related educational material help in concept building and allow the child to learn in a playway method.
  • Educational toys and play equipment stimulate the young ones and provide a fun filled experience
  • The beautiful ,green lawns provide ample space and an opportunity to connect to nature.
  • Furniture of the classrooms is colourful and child friendly.
  • Plenty of games and sports facilities for the children to flourish.
  • The stage offers a platform to showcase the talent of young Hansarians. Helps in confidence building and provides ample stage exposure.
  • Regular Performance of Hawan at the beginning of the session to invoke the blessing of the AlmightY.
Academics give the mind knowledge. An open environment gives the knowledge a direction. And proper direction leads to a most fulfilling career, which is based on individual learning abilities. Here's a peek into how we do it.
The selection of activities is based on the holistic and harmonious development of the child.
  • Child centered education
  • Activity based teaching
  • Interactive learning
  • Integrated teaching of subjects
The bond between the teacher and the child is deep and its impact is far-reaching and fruitful. A lot of time and individual attention is paid to the children to lay a strong foundation through Phonic drills, Sensorial exercises, Pattern writing, Verbal skills and Communication in English improves rapidly.
  • Picture reading
  • Story telling
  • Recitation
  • Public speaking
  • Dramatization
  • Computer-Aided Learning
  • Running
  • Jumping
  • Skating
  • Balancing on beam
  • Group games
  • Simple Exercises
  • Sand pit
  • Yoga
  • Taekwondo
  • Aerobics
  • Tracing, lacing, jigsaw puzzle, hammering, blocks building, stringing the beads etc.
  • Drawing, painting, coloring, paper tearing, cutting, clay modeling, printing etc.
  • To reinforce the concepts taught in EVS, children visit Temple, Gurudwara, Church, Mosque, zoo, rail museum, Children Park, Neighborhood Park, traffic Training Park, mother dairy, bank, Doctors clinic etc.
  • Children explore and investigate something new through simple experiments and activities.
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