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The library is the soul of the school. There are 3 fully computerized libraries in the school which are  open to all the students from 8.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. on all days excluding gazetted holidays. 
With variety of books, periodicals, reference books, the school library provides for extended learning. The updated e-library serves as an electronic resource to support studies, teaching and research.
All the classes are allotted library periods in their timetable.
The students should observe the following rules:
1. All students must come to the library in an orderly manner.
2. Students must maintain silence and discipline in the library.
3. No personal books, bags are permitted inside the library.
4. Eatables or water bottles are not allowed inside.
5. Students must maintain a library notebook to write reviews of the books they read. It is compulsory to bring the library notebook in the library period and a  pencil. Any loss or damage to books must be paid for by the borrower.
6. Library cards are given at the beginning of the session and students must return them at the end of the session for clearance.
7. Students are allowed to borrow books on their own cards. Library cards are not transferable.
8. Loss of library cards must be reported immediately.
9. An application by the parents along with a fine of Rs. 30/- must be submitted in the library for the issue of a duplicate card.
10. Books not returned by the specified dates will attract a fine of Rs.20/- per week.
11. Students are not permitted in the library in any period other than the library period except with written permission from the concerned Supervisory Head.