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Young adults are steered to develop inter-personal communication and leadership skills in order to help them chose their life paths and adapt to the changing needs of society by widening their outlook at the secondary level. Learning at KHMS accentuates the process of capacity building and imparting true knowledge to multi-skill development with a global outlook

At KHMS we train young adults to be balanced socially adapted humane students, who effectively use information with their varied competencies to contribute positively to the enhancement of quality of life. Free flow of knowledge beyond boundaries is the mantra at Kulachi.

The focus in the Secondary and Senior Secondary classes is primarily on academic excellence. The young students are provided ample opportunities to develop not only their aesthetic sensibilities but also nurture values of fine citizens of the nation. Being part of clubs like Rotary, Vasundhara, Tech4Us instills in them the habits and conventions to give back to society a little of all that they receive and fulfill their social responsibilities.

The school seeks to nurture talent through Physical Education, Fine Arts , theatre , technology, textile designing and  various other fields thus allowing scope of development in alternative careers. Creative and critical thinking , decision making, logical and analytical reasoning, communication skills confidence  and life-skills are some of the multiple aspects of responsible behaviour which are cultivated in every child at Kulachi .The school believes that every child has undiscovered potential. He only needs to be polished till every facet shines through with its own brilliance.

KHMS thus imparts as education by which character is formed, strength of body and mind increased manifold and the intellect expanded. It aims to encourage thinking beyond the ordinary and cultivate innovation and freshness in thought and action. No child is bound by any limits. The sky is the limit for every Kulachian.

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