Clubs Of The School  

Clubs of the School

We believe that each child is unique and special. Every student has different interests and needs. Different clubs in the school offer ample opportunity to the students to tap their talent and associate with like-minded people. Students are members of various clubs which provide activities commensurate with the inclination and aptitude of students. The various clubs add to the knowledge and ability of students and help build their mental assets.
Shakespearean Club - students with a literary bent of mind get the right platform to hone their skills and enthuse others through their presentations. To build intellectual and aesthetic understanding techniques of theatre.
Artvaganza- to help students appreciate and hone their aesthetic skills and explore the depth of creativity.
Thread & Yarn Club- To develop personal creativity with the needle and learn basic clothing construction skills through Knitting & Crochet needlework, knitting and home management.
Dansway(Indian Dance)-to engage in multiple styles of dance for art, fitness and fun!
Craft Club- aims at developing imagination, creativity, motor skills and aptitude to experience the joy of creativity through use of craf material.
Razmtazz(WesternDance) -to encourage participation in dance events and provide an opportunity for better talent through constant engagement with dance.
Jhankar Club(Vocal Music)- to nurture talent and provide a conducive environment for vocal music by enhancing the quality of voice, rhythm and notes.
Swaranjali (Instrumental)- to help students basic music notes, perform musical exercises, appreciate musical patterns and rhythm.
Healthy Bites- to appreciate and create a wholesome and balanced meals.
Vasundhra (Eco Club)- aims to develop a sensitivity towards environmental concerns and involve students in efforts to preserve environment.
Ekidz Club-enable students to be computer- savvy and keep pace with latest trends in IT and computers.
Mathletes- to bring out the hidden mathematical talents and promote enthusiasm and interest in mathematics.
ATL Tinker Club- aims to ignite curiosity with ‘out of box’ thinking through tinkering and innovation.
Kids for Tigers- is a self motivated programme; stimulates students to work to save flora and fauna.
Fit n Fab Club - to provide healthy sporting habits, learn teamwork and co-ordination among groups and infuse discipline as a way of healthy life.
Aerobics Club- favourably influence the habits, attitude and knowledge related to individuals and the community in order to ensure fitness through music, dance and movement.
Rotary Interact Club - is the youth wing of Rotary International. Members take up various social projects like visits to old age homes and orphanages and community service.
Cyber Congress - seeks to create a safe virtual environment and teach students to practise safe online habits.
Vasundhara Eco Club - an Environment Club, which aims to spread awareness of the need to preserve and conserve our environment.
Calamity Club - the club is dedicated to spreading awareness about natural and manmade disasters and aims to prepare students for managing disasters.
Aryan Club - provides community and social service to the needy and underprivileged sections of society.
Literati Club - appreciates and analyses, the genres of English Literature.
Tech 4 Us - arranges workshops, seminars and competitions to expose students to the latest technology in IT and Computers.
Prayas Club - Psychology club - seeks to nurture various aspects of mental health and Sound mind.
Ganit vk;Z Club - organises various activities to bring out the beauty and logic of the maths.
Atal Tinker Club - aims to develop a scientific temper amongst the students and to generate awareness about scientific facts in everyday life.
Space Club - seeks to generate an interest in space and astronomy.
Kulachi Global Club - aims to develop 4 C’s -Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity and Collaboration and provide global exposure and create an international prespective.
Rangaglaya Club - affiliated to Ashmita an NGO, the club seeks to evoke a sense of awareness and sensitize the youth on burning issues through street plays and road shows.
Entreprise Challenge Club - Udaan creating identity - a business enterprise club that provides management and business skills and seeks to prepare students for entrepreneurship and employability.
Mirage, Photography Club - a platform to help students value and reflect on the things around them and stimulate new ideas through the techniques and aesthetics of photography.
Pragya Club - library and reading club to develop reading habits and appreciate the hidden treasure of books and the written word.
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