Cambridge Pathway  

- Cambridge Class 6 
Virtual Lab Activity- Group Activity

Students prepared and performed a presentation wherein they had to convince their school authorities to invite a real life celebrity for the annual function. They wrote individual pieces explaining why this celebrity deserved to visit our school and their reasons for meeting the celebrity.

- Fable Presentation
Students of class 2 Cambridge prepared and presented fables with puppets.
The efforts made were truly remarkable and each presentation was a true delight to watch.
Keep Shining!
Keep Growing!

- In the virtual Maths Lab class,the students of cambridge class 7 explored about different types of polygons and quadirilaterals through the online Maths Geoboard.They created beautiful designs with geometrical shapes and shared the same with the class.
The students participated with enthusiasm and showed their creativity through this Hands on activity.


- In the virtual English Lab class,the students of cambridge class 1 learned about diagraphs.
They recognised the different sounds and played games. They created beautiful Diagraph Rainbows and described the words using nouns phrases and adjectives. The students participated with enthusiasm and showed their creativity through this Hands on activity.







Cambridge Festive Fair
Class 2 
Diwali Craft* 

Keeping the Diwali theme in mind students used CDs , decorative materials  and turned it into beautiful unique diya / tea light holder. Through this craft they learnt that recycling can be fun and interesting too .


Festive Fair
Diwali Snack
Students of class 2 Cambridge prepared delicious party snacks and relished them on Day 3 of Fesive Fair.
Cambridge talent fiesta 
Class 4
Making melodies- Musical instruments
Students made their own musical instruments. To mention few are guitar, pan pipes, drum, maracus, jal tarang, bottle flute, kalimba, flute. 
Students also explained the concept of how pitch varies in different different musical instruments
Students of classes 3&4 understood the significance of Good mental health and put their thoughts into posters during an interesting activity. They shared the posters with their peers and helped each other improve mental health
- Students of classes 5-6 and Cambridge class 7 , Primary wing culminated the Mental Health and Wellness campaign with Gratitude affirmations.  Expressing gratitude is possibly the best way to create positive well being. 
 - This is an interschool result of a Cambridge competition
- Cambridge Eager Beavers Results
1. Clean India Campaign Painting competition held for classes 1-6 and Cambridge Class 7 saw a tremendous response. 
Children spread awareness and emphasised  the need to keep our surroundings and the country clean
2. Students of class 1 Cambridge showcased fun filled and learning activities virtually for Dussehra celebration which included a role play by the little ones in which children were beautifully dressed up to play the role of their favourite mythological character from Ramayana.
3. Characters inspire us  Class 3, Cambridge Wing, participated in the Character Portrayal Activity during the *Cambridge Fiesta* and represented characters from diverse backgrounds. This activity helped them to learn moral values from the lives of inspiring characters and also helped  foster their speaking skills. They shed their inhibitions and actively participated. 
4. Their enthusiasm knew no bounds and was reflected in their performances.

5. The School has the Cambridge Assessment International Education Curriculum for Class PS to VIII.  Currently we are running classes from PS to V .The CAIE is a part of the University of Cambridge, UK.   The Cambridge pathway gives clear direction and cultivates skills for educational success from age 5-19 years and sets a global standard with programme which stretch, challenge and inspire students.

The programme and syllabus is not only culturally sensitive and designed for international context but also well designed and supported by learner activities which deal with real life situations and compel the learners to predict outcomes and arrive at conclusions based on observations and experimentation. The curriculum adopts a spiral approach to skill development with concepts being revisited and engaged with at deeper levels dependent on the development stage of the learner.

They participate in havans for all auspicious beginnings as well as regularly through out the year. The students have a regular Ved Path period and they learn moral values and receive spiritual guidance through stories and teachings of great men.

The Cambridge Learner Attributes:

Confident     in working with information and ideas-their own and those of others.

Responsible   for themselves, responsive to and respectful of others.

Reflective    as learners, developing their ability to learn.

Innovative    and equipped for new and future challenges.

Engaged        Intellectually and socially, to make a difference.

Hindi as a second language and Social Studies are  a part of the curriculum.

Pedagogical Activities which are a part of the curriculum are Lab Work, Field Trips, Case Study, GPC projects, Project Based Learning, Group Work, Use of Audio Visual for listening skills development, Check your progress activities, Regulated Assessments during pedagogical activities, theatre as a tool to develop verbal skills.

We also regularly host Parent Mentorship Workshops and Parent Interaction Programmes.

Admission to Cambridge section is based on student and parent interaction with a panel of Senior Management  Faculty.



The audio visual edition of the Cambridge Chronicles carries glimpses of the activities that children of Cambridge Wing at KHMS, participate in.


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