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Various events in Primary Wing
Event Start Date : 21/09/2023 Event End Date 05/10/2023

1.  International Peace Day was celebrated in the  School.The celebration aimed at helping students understand the importance of creating and maintaining peace amongst themselves, families, and their surroundings.The children made beautiful peace posters to spread the message of peace and harmony.
Children understand that they are the peacemakers of today’s society and  peace is important for the good of society and the world. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/13_p3RtgsSvKoF0O-sb0PgEgUn_Ym9DbI?usp=sharing
2. Students of class-3 were provided a platform to present their thoughts about peace through lovely short  poems on Peace. These poems  have really amplified the children’s idea of how peace in country can keep up the hopes and dreams in the future.These poems have definitely helped our students to appreciate peace,loveand benevolence instead of thinking about war and conflict going around. They are   learning to be the real warriors of peace in the
in the country and create a joyous and peaceful environment.
3. Message on International Peace Day
4. Students of classes 1 &2  made doves with hand impressions with an olive branch and rainbow peace art, symbolising peace on International Peace Day. 
Enthusiastic iscussions on peace were taken up to spread the message of love , harmony and empathy.
5. Shapes Funfair
Learning about shapes help learners identify and organise information visually and develop an awareness of the space around them.
Cambridge Class 1 learners showed their clay moulding skills and created a landscape using 2D shapes. They created mesmerising objects of different shapes using clay and shared their creation with peers.
6. Peace Day🕊️
'One by one in our work and in our play, we are learning peace by what we do and what we say!'
Learners of Class 2 Cambridge participated in the Peace Day activities to celebrate and spread awareness on the International Peace Day.
They learnt to foster peace with kindness, fairness, respect for the environment and conflict resolution. The students listened to peace songs, learnt them and talked about peace and the related vocabulary.
7. Cambridge Talent Fiesta 
Healthy Cook Off
Students of Cambridge class 1
enthusiastically participated in Non -Fire Cooking activity where they prepared appetizing flameless dishes.
The activity allowed the little ones to shed their inhibitions and made them enjoy the art of culinary.
It was a wonderful and joyful experience for our little munchkins.
8. National wildlife Week 
Class 2 
Cambridge Fiesta is a multidisciplinary festival of ideas and talent . The festival of class 2 included peace day craft,shapes fair and healthy Cook off, giving the students a platform to experience and explore generous opportunities. The activities  complemented the natural curiosity of the learners.Students collaborated and planned presentations at using easily available resources . The learners enjoy these talent oriented tasks and put all their energy and creativity and shine through!
9. International Day of Non Violence 
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