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Event Start Date : 23/09/2023 Event End Date 13/10/2023

1.KHMS gives an utmost priority to the safety and well being of students. 

As school authorities and teachers play a vital role in preventing child sexual abuse, an interactive session was conducted for teachers on POCSO Act on 23rd September 2023 by an expert speaker Adv. Ashok Mittal. 
POCSO Act is one of the most stringent laws enacted by the Parliament that has been brought to protect children from sexual exploitation. 
In this session, right knowledge was provided so that teachers can equip themselves with the skills to impart personal safety education to children. Various forms of sexual harassment that are often overlooked like online bullying, offensive comments and the consequences of false allegations were discussed. 
The session proved to be very informative for teachers.
2. Hands-on Cooking with Rice and other nutritious ingredients 
The students of classes 7th and 8th of Healthy Alternatives- the health and culinary club of Kulachi Hansraj Model School tried their hands on cooking rice based dishes on 27th September 2023, Wednesday. For many, it was was the first time experience. They prepared and served Layer Soya Biryani, Mix-Veg and Protein Pulao, Lemon Rice and Chinese Fried Rice. They engaged in planning of dish, collection of ingredients, cooking and plating.
The students showed great interest and enthusiasm while performing their tasks. Students also cleared their workstation post activity.
They look forward to more such activities in the future. 
3. We at KHMS believe that to become a great teacher, we must keep learning and keep ourselves abreast with the latest teaching-learning processes. 
Teachers of KHMS and a few other DAV schools got the privilege to attend a workshop by Ms Pragya Nopany on how to frame case-based and assertion-reason type questions in Science and Mathematics. It was indeed an enriching experience for all the teachers.
We thank Praya Ma'am for giving a space to discuss questions, brainstorm ideas and improve the skills and abilities of our teachers through her wisdom.
4. ‘स्वच्छता ही सेवा है’ के सिद्धांत का अनुमोदन करते हुए कुलाची हंसराज मॉडल स्कूल, सीनियर विंग, के कक्षा 7-10 के विद्यार्थियों ने दिनांक 30-09-2023 को श्रमदान दिवस के रूप में मनाया और श्रमदान कार्यक्रम में भाग लिया। अध्यापकोँ एवं विद्यार्थियों ने मिलकर अपनी-अपनी कक्षा व कॉरिडोर्स की सफ़ाई की। महात्मा गाँधी के स्वच्छता ही सेवा के सिद्धांत और प्रधानमंत्री श्री नरेंद्र मोदी जी के स्वच्छता अभियान में सशक्त भागीदारी देकर राष्ट्रपिता महात्मा गाँधी को स्वच्छांजलि अर्पित की।
प्रेरणा और प्रोत्साहन के लिए प्रधानाचार्या श्रीमती स्नेह वर्मा का हार्दिक आभार।
5. Tech Thinker Workshop
Tech4Us,  The Computer Club organized a workshop "Tech Thinker Workshop" conducted by Mr. Vivek Verma( our alumnus). He is an AI and Robotics Engineer at STEMPedia, Machine Learning Certified from Stanford University.  In the workshop, the students were made to learn Canva and gave a presentation on startup organization and pitch their idea on the organization.  Also a brief introduction about website development,  eXtended Reality(XR )based on Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and 3-D. The students were made acquainted with pictoblox.
6. “Civic engagement is a powerful tool which inspires young people to develop their lives as well as communities.” 
Keeping in mind the rising significance of community engagement all over the globe,members of The Kulachi Global Club-Generation Global attended a Video Conference on the topic-Civic Participation on 3rd October 2023.The students interacted with students from MET Public School.
The video conference put light on the growing need of civic participation in our community-learning through experiences of community volunteering from others.It focused on everyday life examples where civic participation can be seen.We also reflected on our responsibility as a citizen-followed by various judgements and stereotypes which hamper our responsibility to participate in the community for its better.The video conference also reflected on SDG 16 and 17 highlighting the importance of community engagement. 
The Club Coordinator for IX and X, Ms Princi Girotra , and all the participants express their heartfelt gratitude to Madam Principal -Mrs. Sneh Verma and Club Incharge Madam-Ms. Yashu Chhabra for their support in all club endeavors.
7. We have actually inherited a large house, a great world house in which we have to live together. The Generation today has to be fully equipped with the right education and the necessary skills to develop into global and digital citizens. We at Kulachi Hansraj Model School have always believed in the 4 C’s – Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking and Collaboration. The objective is to appreciate and celebrate the cultural diversities throughout the world, to make the students respect, accept, understand and show a positive attitude towards different cultures, people, countries and lifestyles, to make them realize that they are part  of one global village
Keeping this in mind, on Tuesday, 3 October 2023, the students of the Kulachi Global Club of the school under the leadership of club coordinator, Ms. Pallavi Marwah, got the opportunity to interact with students of Instituto Asuncion, Mexico and their teacher Madam Lourdes Canales (from Mexico) for a Virtual Cultural Extravaganza. 
Thanks to Technology and Globalisation, a school from India now feels much closer than ever to a school from Mexico to learn about each other’s schools, countries and the power of human connection especially in the world of education. 
Through the Video Conference, the partner schools learnt a great deal about each other’s cultures and traditions-festivals, cuisines, national anthems, geographical location, art and craft, dance forms etc.
It was truly a magnificent and memorable collaboration!
The club expresses its profound gratitude to Madam Principal-Mrs. Sneh Verma for always guiding and motivating the students to become 21st century global citizens and to club incharge-Ms. Yashu Chhabra for her constant support in all club endeavours.
8. Class 7&8: Class Library Activity
”I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of a Library!” -Jorge Luis Borges 
To inculcate and encourage the habit of reading anong the students, all class teachers of class 7 & 8 were required to set up a mini library in their classrooms with the help of the class.
9. On World Teachers’ Day, we at Kulachi Hansraj Model School salute the  teachers worldwide for their contribution to education and express heartfelt gratitude for their role in the development of students and society .
The theme for the 2023 celebrations, is "The teachers we need for the education we want: The global imperative to reverse the teacher shortage". It will focus on how education systems, societies, communities, and families recognise, appreciate, and actively support teachers ,as their presence is pivotal to success of students.
10. KHMS Beats Plastic Pollution for a Sustainable Future!!!
Our Planet is Chocking on Plastic-
Don’t Let Planet Earth Become Plastisphere!
Mother Earth Needs a Break!
Spread the word. Say No to Plastic Bags!
On Saturday, 7 October 2023, the Kulachi Global Club-Generation Global organized a street play and a rally for BEAT PLASTIC POLLUTION CAMPAIGN, DAY-2 on the PTM Day under the guidance and leadership of club incharge Ms. Yashu Chhabra and club coordinator- Ms. Pallavi Marwah.
The reusable bags created on Beat Plastic Pollution Campaign Day-1 were sold off to raise funds for ecological activities of the club. The Generation Global Student Ambassadors interacted with parents and raised awareness about the No Plastic Pollution Campaign and shared ideas to substitute plastic.
The earth has the plastic problem to solve, 
To help her, today I resolve
To do my bit, small or large,
To keep plastic litter on land and oceans far I pledge to practice the 8 R’s-
Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Recycle, Repair, Re-gift, Recover, and Reuse. 
And stop using plastic meant for single use!
The club expresses its heartfelt gratitude to Madam Principal -Mrs. Sneh Verma for her incredible vision.
The club promises to make KHMS plastic free one day!
11. Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations.
On Saturday, 7 October 2023, a Colloquium was presided over by Madam Prinicipal for the students of Class VIIII.
Principal Ma’am informed the parents about the discontinuation of “No Detention Policy” in class 8. She also threw light on Examination Passing Criteria, Re-examination, Essential Repeat, etc.Then, she spoke about the importance of mental health awareness among students, need for quality time between students and their parents, why parents should be vigilant about the whereabouts of their children before and after school, exam stress leading to tension and thereby depression etc. 
Thereafter, Mrs. Charu Gambhir Bajaj, Supervisory Incharge (Classes 7 & 8) addressed the parents by talking about the need for inculcating in our students a lifelong love for learning and gaining real knowledge.To conclude, she answered the queries put up by the parents and clarified their doubts.
12. KHMS celebrates Mental Health Day - 10th October
Prayas club of KHMS ( Mental Health Club) actively celebrated World Mental Health Day on 10th October 2023 in which plethora of awareness building activities like Nukkad Natak, Group Singing, Poem Recitation, Mental Health Quiz etc were conducted. 
The theme selected was ‘Embracing and Empowering Empathy’. 2023rd Edition of Prayas Club Newsletter cum Magazine was developed wherein students, teachers and parents shared their poems, articles and creative thoughts on Mental health and relevant themes. 
Mental Health Assembly was organized and ‘We care’ badges were distributed to be
worn throughout the month by counsellors, teachers, psychology students and prayas club members to spread awareness and a sense of mutual care within school.
Display board, Positivity Board for Parents, Posters and Charts were prepared to spread awareness on mental health and its importance in school. 
The Celebration proved to be very enjoyable, interactive and insightful for students and teachers.
13. BLOCK PRINTING ONCE AGAIN - A Brush-up of the Skill 
The students of Paridhan- the Fashion Club of KHMS had a brush up of block printing activity on 12th October. They were demonstrated the method of printing with outline and filling blocks and students tried their hands on printing a product as well. 
14. Saree Draping Workshop with ICF
The students of classes 9 and 10 had their first experience of draping on 5th October 2013, Thursday in their club period at Paridhan- the Fashion Club of Kulachi Hansraj Model School with the help of resource person from the International College of Fashion (ICF). They were made aware about the fabric grains, measuring the dress form and draping sarees in different styles. They participated with great enthusiasm and had fun as they modelled for their friends to drape their creative ideas. 
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