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Event Start Date : 02/02/2024 Event End Date 12/02/2024

1. Cambridge Fiesta Class 4 Final Round 

Subject - Social Studies 
Activity - The Monarchy that made History 
In this activity, students relived the lives of the famous kings and queens.
They were given an opportunity to portray the lives of famous kings and queens of India.
Each child played the role of either a king or a queen. It is mesmerizing to know that gender stereotypes were also broken through this activity when some girls acted as kings.
As kings and queens, they talked about their family, important works, achievements etc.
2. Class: 6 J, K
Activity: Mock Panchayat*
Our recent mock panchayat session was an immersive and educational experience, offering students a firsthand understanding of local governance. This hands-on approach resonated well, making the complexities of governance accessible and relevant. The mock panchayat served as a memorable and impactful educational tool, fostering a deeper understanding of democratic principles and community involvement.
3. गतिविधि
व्याकरण आधारित खेल 
कक्षा- पाँचवीं (कैंब्रिज) के विद्यार्थियों द्वारा व्याकरण को खेल के माध्यम से सीखने का प्रयास किया गया l व्याकरण वह विद्या है जिसके द्वारा किसी भाषा को शुद्ध बोला, पढ़ा व शुद्ध लिखा जाता है। किसी भी भाषा के लिखने, पढ़ने और बोलने के निश्चित नियम होते हैं। भाषा की शुद्धता व सुंदरता को बनाए रखने के लिए इन नियमों का पालन करना आवश्यक होता है। भाषायी शुद्धता को बनाए रखने के लिए विभिन्न खेलों की बेहतरीन प्रस्तुति की झलक...
4. Cambridge  Fiesta Class 3 Final Round
Subject - Social Studies 
Activity - The City of my dreams
Details : 
The world is changing owing to environmental changes ,often brought about by human activities.
For the activity, students were required to envision a sustainable city in which nature and human beings both are at peace.
They made posters of the cities which they dream of. A variety of unique ideas like worshipping trees,domesticating more animals, organic farming etc. were used to showcase their imagination.
In the class, students  explained their dream city displayed in the poster within 1 minute.
5. Cambridge fiesta 🌹
Class 3
Jungle jamboree (Final Round)
Both predators and prey need to eat, but they face different challenges in getting their food. Predators must find their prey, chase and catch it, subdue it if it fights back, and eat it. Prey animals must forage for food cautiously, always on the lookout for predators. The physical and behavioral characteristics of predators and prey reflect their needs and ways of life.
Task: Role play on Prey- Predator 
Where do they live, what do they eat, how do they hunt, and what hunts them?
Students of Cambridge class 3 participated and presented the relationship and interaction between prey and predators. They portrayed their acting skills and scientific knowledge. Judges appreciated the efforts of students and encouraged them. 
Stay tuned for more updates. Till then Keep learning,  keep exploring
6. Class 4 (Final Round)
Tribute to Scientific Minds
Science is a process that takes us from confusion to understanding. It awakens our ability to question and motivates us to look behind the visible and explore the unexplored. 
As students, it is our responsibility to honor the great man and his invention.
Students of Cambridge Class 4 acted as scientists and talked about their work and achievements in the field of science and technology. 
They wore costumes and used props. Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam, Plastic Man of India- Rajagopalan Vasudevan, C.V. Raman, Isaac Newton, Vikram Sarabhai,  Marie Curie, Einstein, and Nicola Tesla were some of the great scientists to whom students paid their tribute. Judges were mesmerized and appreciated the efforts of students and encouraged them to start thinking scientifically and work on their scientific skills and make their country proud. 
Stay tuned for more updates. Till then Keep learning, keep exploring
6. Cambridge Class III 
                Subject Enrichment Activity 
Subject - Social Studies
Topic - Celebrating Indian Festivals Sustainably
Class - III: I, J
Details  - Students displayed the celebration of Indian Festivals. Festivals were assigned pairwise. They were required to show sustainable ways of celebrating Indian Festivals. 
Students also reflected upon the reasons and significance of celebrating different festivals.
It was an enriching experience for the students as they not only learnt about different festivals. They also learnt unique ways of celebrating them sustainably.
7. rans Disciplinary Activity 
Exploring PREPOSITIONS the PICTORAL WAY.Allowing students to unleash their imaginative artistic side& fostering creativity.
Learning by Doing modified#Amalgamation of Art & GRAMMAR# Epitome of Creativity# Holistic Learning
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