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Event Start Date : 01/05/2024 Event End Date 20/05/2024

-On 16 May 2024, Cambridge Class 5 English learners participated in a fun news broadcast group activity- Be a News Reporter.https://photos.app.goo.gl/Jk499Q8h4xHDhYq17

-"Rhyme a Time"

The little achievers of Preprimary Cambridge Interclass Rhyme presentation celebrated their conquests in the Land of Rhyme and Rhythm with appreciation badges. Rhymes are small steps to learning music, creating harmony of mind and spirit!!


नाट्यांकन (पौराणिक कहानी)
कक्षा - छठी (कैंब्रिज) के विद्यार्थियों द्वारा ज्ञानात्मक तथा सामाजिक कौशल का विकास करते हुए, नाटकीय विधि द्वारा पौराणिक घटना व कहानियों का अद्भुत अभिनय प्रस्तुत किया गया l गतिविधि की झलक इस प्रकार है :-

-Instilling  a love  of reading in children helps in expanding their vocabulary and building confidence.  Little buddies of Pre Primary Cambridge practicing buddy reading activities to enhance their reading skills.


-The ongoing yoga classes at the school focus on enhancing students' physical fitness and mental well-being through guided poses, breathing exercises, and mindfulness practices.


-Visit to the Nehru planetarium

Children of class 5 visited Nehru planetarium on 14 and 15 May 2024 to watch the show      “Biography of the universe “.The show took them on a captivating journey through the cosmos through 3D visuals.
-Field trip to the nearby park gave the students of class 6 an opportunity to explore, engage and learn in natural environment. The young learners observed different types of plants, saw few fish and felt the textures of fallen leaves and bark of trees. Nature Walk proved to be a reflective experience for children that stimulated their appreciation for the nature.

-Activity - Script Craft: Forging Ancient Symbols

Class - 6 I, J Cambridge 
In a captivating exploration of ancient civilizations, the students of class 6 Cambridge embarked on a journey to create their own unique scripts inspired by the writing systems of the Harappan and Egyptian civilisations. Encouraged to unleash their creativity, they crafted intricate symbols and characters with the essence of these ancient cultures. They encoded messages using the script and exchanged them with their classmates to decipher. This activity promoted creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and understanding of ancient writing systems.
-Vibrant basket ball coaching sessions at Primary wing. From honing shooting techniques to fostering camaraderie on the court, our students are inspired  to reach new heights both individually and as a team.
-Experience the grace and thrill of skating through these captivating snapshots of our school's skating coaching sessions. From mastering basic techniques to perfecting intricate moves, our students cultivate a passion for balance and  determination  in every glide, jump, and spin.
कक्षा- पाँचवीं (कैंब्रिज) के विद्यार्थियों द्वारा व्याकरण को खेल के माध्यम से सीखने का प्रयास किया गया l बिखरे हुए वर्णों को जोड़कर शब्द निर्माण करना  वर्ण - संयोजन कहलाता है। विद्यार्थी वर्णों को जोड़कर शब्द निर्माण कर पाने में निपुण हुए l सभी बच्चों की सहयोग से गतिविधि को रोचक तरीके से सम्पन्न किया गया l बच्चे वर्णों से खेलने में पारंगत हुए l
-Rhyme a Time!!
Young achievers of Cambridge Preschool receiving appreciation token for participating in interclass  rhyme presentation. All the participants were highly motivated after being acknowledged.

Who thought one could draw a parallelism between making burgers and writing a paragraph in English language

IGCSE-Cambridge learners learnt the art of paragraph writing by relating it to making a burger (the burger technique) as well as CODER technique in their English class. They were also taught how to compose a descriptive paragraph with the help of the experience of savouring a burger!
- Students of primary wing marked Mothers Day with activities that celebrated a mother's love and helped them convey their gratitude , respect and love for Mothers.
The activities helped learners understand the significance of Mothers in our lives.
Students expressed their love and respect with beautiful cards, photo frames, and artifacts.
- Just like atoms share electrons to form strong covalent bonds in molecules,  children of 9J- IGCSE worked together and helped each other to build their models. Teamwork and cooperative spirit during the activity reflected the importance of strong bonds in scientific teams. Just like a strong covalent bond holds a molecule together, a strong team spirit fostered better learning and discovery in the class !
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