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Special assembly by 10A,D,G on the theme Reduce Reuse Recycle
Event Start Date : 10/04/2018 Event End Date 10/04/2018

Students of classes 10 A, 10 D and 10 G collaborated and presented a morning assembly on the UN sustainable development goal 13 Climate Action. Their idea to deal with the problem of environment is to follow 3 R's in day to day life.




Students got an opportunity to showcase their talents and spread awareness among their friends on environment conservation. The program was anchored by students  Anoushka, Tammana Rao and Aditi. They enlightened the students by giving tips on day to day application of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Their tips helped students to understand that we all can contribute in our own ways to conserve our planet. It was followed by a dance performance on the song- We ‘re in it together Forever and Ever. The song gave a message that apart from citizens of our country, we are citizens of planet Earth. We need to collectively take responsibility to save and protect our planet Earth. The song performance was followed by a skit where in the students presented meaning of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and also gave tips on the same. They depicted how by making our environment clean we can earn respect globally.

 In retrospect, the message of conservation and sustainable development was presented in an interesting and creative manner.