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We believe that each child is unique and special. Every student has different interest and needs. Different clubs in the school offer ample opportunity to the students to tap their talent and associate with like-minded people. Students are members of various clubs which provide activities commensurate with the inclination   and aptitude of students.

The various clubs add to the knowledge and ability of students and help build their mental assets

  1. Tech for Us – The Computer club- provides community and social service to the needy and underprivileged sections of society.
  1. Vasundhara- The Eco Club- an Environment Club, which aims to spread awareness of the need to preserve and conserve our environment.
  1. Interact- The Rotary Club- is the youth wing of Rotary International. Members take up various social projects like visits to old age homes and orphanages and community service
  1. Tinker – The ATL Club - aims  to develop a scientific temper amongst the students and to generate awareness about scientific facts in everyday life.
  1. Udaan Creating Identify-The Entrepreneurship Club- a business enterprise club that provides management and business skills and seeks to prepare students for entrepreneurship and employability.
  1. HWPL & The Global Activities- The Kulachi Global Club-To enlighten the young minds about different  cultures, beliefs, values and global issues.
  1. KHMS MUN- It brings forward hands on experience in the World of Politics.
  1. Prayas- The Mental Health and Awareness Club - To spread awareness  about the Importance  of Mental Health and Life Skills among students, parents and teachers with the help of Peer Moderator Programme.
  1. Cyber Congress- The Cyber Safety Club- Seeks to create a safe virtual environment and teach students to practice safe online habits
  1. Maven- The Debate/Symposium/Exclamation Club/Kagaz aur Kalam- The Literature Club -  appreciates and analyses, the genres of Hindi and English Literature
  1. Culinary- The Health Club- To create awareness about health status and health related issues. To reduce their risk for chronic diseases and improve their health. Health in contemporary context. Exposing them to various dimensions of health.
  1. Mirage – The Photography/film making Club- a platform to help students value and reflect on the things around them and stimulate new ideas through the techniques and aesthetics of photography.
  1. Paridhan- The Fashion Club- To promote the students to know about the different areas in fashion.
  1. Calamity The  Disaster Management Club – The club is dedicated to spreading awareness about natural and made-made disasters and aims to prepare students for managing disasters.
  1. Dharohar – The Heritage Club-Our club ' Dharohar ' hopes to create awareness and a sense of belonging among students and inculcate in young minds a sense of appreciation for heritage.
  1. Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalaam club- The Astronomy Club- seeks to generate an interest in space and astronomy
  1. Ramanujan- The Maths Club- organizes various activities to bring out the beauty and logic of Maths.
  1. Financial Literary Club- Increase in ethical decision-making when selecting insurance, loans, investments, and using a credit card. Ability to make better financial decisions. Effective management of money and debt.
  1. Pragya- The Library Club- library and reading club to develop reading habits and appreciate the hidden treasure of books and the written worked
  1. Nrityanjali- The Dance Club- To give our cultural and heritage knowledge to the students. (folk dance, kathak, bharatnatyam and western dance)
  1. Abhivyakti- The Theater Club- associated to  Ashmita and NGO, the club seeks to evoke a sense of awareness and sensitize the youth on burning issues through street plays and road shows.
  1. Saaz aur Awaaz – The  Instrumental Club- Knowledge of swara, raga and taal and the orchestra composition.








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