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Smart Classrooms

  • 60 Smart Classrooms with e-connections, scanners, wall-mounted projectors, surround sound speakers and built in soft resources to provide a 360 degree learning experience in Senior wing.
  • 13 Computer Labs


  • Physics Lab- A well stocked lab equipped with all instruments and apparatus to help students learn the concepts of Physics in a simplified and interesting manner.
  • Chemistry Lab - Fully equipped and sufficiently stocked with instruments, apparatus and chemicals required to help students understand the role and importance of reactions and experiments.
  • Biology Lab - Adequate and appropriate facilities and sufficient workspace for each student to learn more about life processes and experience the inquiry process through demonstrations and experiments.
  • Home Science Lab- to have a practical experience of meal planning and home management under the supervision of teachers equipped with all the necessary kitchen commodities such as Gas Stoves, Refrigerator, Microwave, Juicer mixer grinder etc.
  • Mathematics Lab - welcomes learners of all ages to explore and unravel the mysteries of the world of Mathematics and develop an affinity for the subject through hands on activities and using ICT.
  • Language Lab - incorporates technology to teach languages through audio-visual aids inculcating effective communication skills.
  • FDGT Lab- The Fashion Designing Garment Construction Lab has the required sewing machines, designing equipment to cater to the students learning Fashion Designing as a subject.
  • Atal Tinkering LabATL is a work space where young minds can give shape to their ideas through hands-on do-it-yourself mode; and learn innovation skills. This will help us to promote a culture of innovation and out-of-the-box thinking among the young and budding entrepreneurs. Young children will get a chance to work with tools and equipment to understand the concepts of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Organising Events, Collaboration and Sharing

  • Auditorium having a seating capacity of 1000
  • Conference Room
  • Multimedia Room
  • Resource Room
  • Seminar Room

Sports Facilities

  • Skating Rink - The indoor playground, fulfils all the requirements needed for budding skaters to practice as it has smooth and uninterrupted floor with proper ventilation and adequate space.
  • Playground- The school provides ample opportunities to the budding sports persons in the form of an indoor (approximately 30x X 10x) playground as well as an outdoor playground for multipurpose activities.
  • Sports Room- For the proper supervision of all the classes in the ground, a well furnished, spacious, and three sides view sports room is alloted for five Physical Education Teachers, the groundman and keeping and maintaining sports equipments. Each Physical Education Teacher is provided with a locker to keep the belongings.
  • Basketball Court- A well planned, properly masked with international dimensions and fiber-boards basketball court fulfils the dreams of the children to excel in the game.
  • Volleyball Court- The school has a well maintained, properly marked with adequate space on all four sides, volleyball court.
  • Soft Ball-The outdoor ground is also used for practising the skills of softball, a new game introduced recently.
  • Cricket Field- The school has installed the nets in the ground after surveying the nets of Railway Stadium (Karnail Singh Stadium) to pave the way for the bowlers and batsmen to practise and excel in their respective fields. The rest of the ground is used for fielding and practice of other skills.
  • Ball Badminton- The outdoor ground, especially volleyball court, is used for the practice of Ball-badminton game. It is also a new game introduced recently.
  • Table Tennis- The school provides excellent facilities of Table Tennis as there are well equipped International level tables of branded companies like Gymco. The indoor ground with proper lightening system is conducive for the uninterrupted practice throughout the year.  
  • Gymnastic- The school has adequate facilities for Horizontal bar, Roman Rings, uneven bar, table vault, mats for floor exercise and rhythmic gymnastics. These facilities continue throughout the year without interruption as they are done indoor.
  • Skipping- The indoor ground of the school provides the facilities for skipping as it has a smooth, cemented floor, proper height and ventilation.
  • Hockey Field- The school has a smooth grassy field with two proper goal posts (poles and nets and boards) to practise the skills of our National Game, Hockey.
  • Taekwondo- The indoor ground and mats are used for the practice for Taekwondo Game.  
  • Yoga-This activity is also conducted indoor in the indoor ground using mats.

Chess-The school has well-designed square tables along with chess-boards and chess pieces like King, Queen, Rooks, Bishops, Knights and pawns of good quality.

Reading, Exploring and Learning

  • Digital Library

Expression and Creativity

  • Dance and Music Room
  • Art and Crafts Room
  • Theatre Room

Thinking and Imagination

  • Young Tech Park

Child Care & Safety

  • Medical Room
  • Counselling Room

Vedic Values

  • Yagya Shala

Green Initiatives

  • QMS EMS Certified Institution
  • R.O Technology for Water Purification
  • Reuse of Water from R.O Plant for Watering Plants
  • Rain Water Harvesting- to raise Ground Water Levels
  • Regular Checks for Clean Water
  • Vermi-Composting unit for Eco friendly Manure
  • Herb Garden
  • Solar Lights
  • Exhaust Fans powered by Wind Energy
  • Micro Techniques in Labs to reduce Chemical pollution
  • E-waste Management
  • Noise Pollution Control Unit
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Emergency Exits
  • Emergency Drills
  • Fire Alarms
  • Environment Online Certified


  • Separate toilet blocks for teaching staff
  • Separate toilet blocks for Non teaching staff
  • Separate toilet blocks for Boys
  • Separate toilet blocks for Girls

Office Block


  • Carpenter Room
  • Store Room


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