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Celebration of UN Day!

Kulachi Hansraj Model School commemorated  celebration  of the UN Day,  24th October 2021.  The day marks the establishment of the UN.
The Un functions to promote peace, development and security around the globe.

YouTube link for UN day celebration


UN Day Celebration (7 -8) 1st November, 2021



Visit of Ms. Catherine Nekabugo (from Uganda) , Top 50 Global Teacher Prize finalist (World's Teachers' Day)
Event Start Date : 05/10/2021 Event End Date 05/10/2021

On the occasion of world's teachers' day, we wish all the lively and lovely teachers of the world a very Happy Teachers' Day.
It is heartening to share we celebrated the day with our partner school teacher from Uganda Ms. Catherine Nekabugo, Top 50 Global Teacher Prize finalist 2016. 
Principal Ms. Sneh Verma planted saplings for love and kindness with Catherine in our school garden. Ms. Nekabugo visited virtual classes to see how children learn on an online platform. Children wished all a happy teachers' day.




British Council Projects

The International School Award (ISA) is a global benchmarking project by British Council. It recognizes the work done by the schools that are committed to developing an international dimension in the curriculum to help young learners become effective global citizens.

Following projects were completed in 2013-14


Road Accidents-A comparative Study-

Project allowed students to identify causes of road accidents and compare the related facts from various parts of the world graphically. Students explored road safety rules prevalent in various countries. They compared various road signs used in different countries.

From Our Window-

This project allowed students to create awareness about students from other parts of the world, explore similarities and differences between schools, nationally and globally. It allowed students to exchange information using ICT tools with the collaborating schools.

Mathematics in Architecture-

Mathematics is an integral part of our life. Through this project students explored, learn and compare famous architectures in the world inspired from Mathematics viz. United States Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel; Pentagonal, Phyllotactic Greenhouse and Education Center- England, Cube village- Nederlands and one taken from India of their own choice.

Food for Healthier Life-

Food is an important component of our life. Healthy food habits lead to healthy life. The project will allow students to compare and categorize food items of different countries in various food groups. They will compare their nutritive values and present the

information through a game.


Noise Pollution-

To make students identify the sources of noise pollution in different countries and do a comparative study graphically. To explore various laws set by the governments of different countries to overcome the problem. They were to be sensitized towards the problem and motivated to contribute towards making World less noisy.

Techno Trash-

The whole world is moving ahead on the road of technology leaving behind a great challenge to manage e waste. The project will allow students to identify end-of-the life electronic and electrical appliances as e-waste, compare the problem of techno-trash in INDIA, US and JAPAN. The project will allow students to study and compare e_Waste Management strategies used world wide.

Amazing Trees of the World-

The project allows students to collect information on amazing trees of the world namely Wollemi pine- Australia, Pirangi cashew tree- Brazil, Tree of life- Bahrain, Chandelier tree- San Francisco, Giant Sequoia- California, appreciate various uses of trees benefitting either medicinally or by providing oxygen 24x7. Students will get sensitized about preserving trees for life on the planet earth.

Flavour of the World-

The project focuses on exploring various spices of India and other countries using ICT tools. Students will be given an opportunity to exchange information about local spices of different countries and their use through various mediums.

Costumes of the World-

Cultural diversities on our planet have enhanced and given distinction to our lifestyles through garments. They depict lifestyle, mythology and crafts of the particular region. The project accentuates costumes of people in different countries and enhances knowledge of the students to appreciate diversity . It will also allow students to learn various draping techniques used in different countries.

International Days-

The project allows students to develop conscious awareness and appreciation about issues related to global health and older people. They are also able to appreciate these issues in wider perspective by comparing information between India, US, Indonesia and UK


Following international projects were completed in 2016-17.


Food We Eat

Learning about food items consumed by people of countries viz. India and UK with regard to ingredients, nutritive values and methods of their preparations.

Ancient Education Systems

A Comparative Study Exploring ancient education system (Gurukul) of India. A comparative study of Gurukuls with the ancient education systems of Greece and China.

Inspiring Personalities of the World

Activities involving students, gaining knowledge about inspirational work of famous personalities and their contributions.

Human Eye - A Natural Camera

Study of human eye, vision defects, their causes and ways to correct it. Exploring about eye correction surgery techniques developed in different parts of the world, their origin, advantages and disadvantages.

Monuments- Silent Speakers of a Glorious Past

Students explore in collaboration UN, World Heritage sites from different countries and understand their importance in decoding the heritage of their respective nations.

e-Safety - In the making of Digital Citizens

The project equips students to develop conscious awareness about working in safe online environment and following e-safety rules.

From Our Window

Collaborating and exchanging information using  ICT, students learn about the food, clothes and salutations of Romanian culture and Indian culture. Inspiring Personalities of the World Activities involving students, gaining knowledge about inspirational work of famous personalities and their contributions.

International Projects 2019-2020  

Festive Fervor-Let's Celebrate Together

Festivals are an important part of any culture. They play a pivotal role in nation building, bringing people from every religious, economic and social background. The projects aims to make the students learn about the festival of Diwali in India and Thanksgiving in Romania and UK. This project will help the students to appreciate similarities and differences in these festivals. Students will become aware about cultural diversity and develop acceptance, understanding and respect for all differences.

Jungle Book

In this project Kindergarten Children will learn about wild animals found in Africa (Elephants), Australia (Kangaroo) and India (Bear, Tiger).

The students will learn about the importance of preserving the habitat of animals and will appreciate the significance of forest. They will develop love and empathy for animals.

When Disaster Strikes, Let's Not Loose Our Sight

Disaster is a sudden accident that causes great damage and loss of life. Disaster Management includes management of resources, preparedness, response and recovery to lessen the impact of disaster. The activity aims to prepare students for effectively handling the situation in the event of earthquake and study how countries like Japan and Indonesia survive earthquakes viz-a-viz India and their preparedness plan.

Rivers-the nectar of life

This project is focuses on generating an awareness in young minds about the importance and sanctity of the natural water bodies. A comparative study about rivers Amazon, Thames and Ganges, highlighting how they nourish barren lands and are source of sustenance to flora and fauna of South America, UK and India respectively. This project will help to develop the value of clean water bodies.

Good Health and Well Being

The projects allows students to develop awareness about diseases spread by Mosquitoes and ways to prevent them. They will appreciate the need for keeping surroundings clean and importance of Healthy Lifestyle. The students will be encourage to survey the health threats faced by the people of India and other countries focussing on Dengue, Chikenguniya and Japanese Encephalitis. They will develop the skill to perform yogic exercises to maintain good health.

Stay Smart-Living in a Virtual World-

This project aims to prepare Generation Global to be safe, secure and smart in cyber world and talk up a comparative study of cyber laws in Australia, US and India. They will understand need for staying connected, different cyber threats and ways to deal with them.

Global Platform- Let the Young Minds Learn Together

This project is an attempt to provide a practical platform for the learner's from Romania, Uganda, Germany, UK and India, to interact with their peer age group on various global issues highlighting their native countries perspective. This plateau will enrich students with confidence and equip them with skills to explore, collaborate, communicate and share their knowledge, views and experiences which will give them global vision.


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