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Counselling and Guidance Cell
The Counselling Department and Special Education of the school assess the child and takes appropriate measures on realizing the impact of various extraneous variable surroundings on the child’s psychological field and on the child’s growth/development.
Various methodologies are scrupulously adopted and designed focusing several target areas of a child such as emotional, behavioral, academics and social. 
Techniques like cognitive enhancement therapy, students centered learning therapy, exercises of SEAL, visual aids, person centered therapy, group counseling sessions for parents and children, behaviour modification techniques, need-based workshops for parents are a few strategies adopted by the school to meet the requirements of the children who need special attention and find it difficult to cope up in one or the other sphere. 
The programme ‘No Learner Left Behind’ seeks to ensure that learning programmes are need based and seek to ensure that learning disability, behavioural issues are tackled to help learner be at par to grade level.
The school follows the guidelines of the POCSO act and maintains zero tolerance policy for bullying.
Children have a right to be free from intimidation, unkind actions and remarks both in school and outside. Unkind actions , comment amount  bullying.
It is our duty to help each other by reporting all bullying
Do you know anyone who is being bullied?
What should you do
- an adult in school
- a parent
- a  person whom you trust
- a friend
- that you dislike the actions
- don’t be friends with them
- those who you see are being bullied.
4. Don’t make teasing or hurtful remarks
Are you being bullied? What should you do?
1. Try not to show that you are upset ( it is difficult)
2. Try to ignore the bully
3. Walk away quickly and confidently ( even if you are afraid)
4. Shout loudly to show that you are not afraid
5. Stay with your friends. Say No to bully.
6. Do not try to bribe the bully with sweets or money
7. Try not to be alone where you could be bullied
8. If you are different in any way, be proud of it. You are an individual and there is nothing wrong with you.
9. Tell an adult immediately!
It is Everyone’s responsibility to prevent bullying.
Protection of Children from Sexual Offences
What Is Sexual Abuse:
A child is sexually abused when he is forced or persuaded to take part in sexual activities.
This doesn’t have to be physical contact, and it can happen online. Sometimes the
child won’t understand that what is happening to them is abuse. They may not even
understand that it’s wrong.
POCSO - Protection of Children from sexual offence act is formulated to effectively
address crimes of sexual abuse and exploitation of children.
School has formed the CHILD PROTECTION COMMITTEE in association with
parents, teachers, students and experts. Any child who has been the victim of sexual
abuse can report the case against the abuser to the committee. The committee will be
responsible for taking necessary action.
How can I protect my child from sexual abuse?
Talk to your children about sexuality and sexual abuse in age appropriate terms.
Be involved in your child’s life by knowing his thoughts and friends.
Be available to your child and follow up on his activities.
Provide supportive environment to the victim by not bullying him.
Help him/her to overcome his/her fear by sharing it with the authorities.
Always being around him/her.
Students of both genders are responsible for the safety of each other.
Never go to dark places alone.
Do not talk to the strangers.
Trust your instincts.
Share your problems with the elders.
Limit physical proximity by not allowing anyone to be too close to you.
Join self protection programmes.
Develop self control by setting your limits.
Have a buddy system.
Helpline available against child abuse - 1098