Eco-Friendly School  

Eco-Friendly School

In an effort to maintain a Green Earth, KHMS has undertaken a series of on-going efforts to improve the existing flora and fauna and add to the green cover of the planet.

The school is EMS QMS certified and as an environmentally conscious institution, we seek to ensure that all Kulachians put in the best efforts to preserve and conserve the precious resources of the earth.

The School has been declared ‘Best Eco-friendly School’ of the year. The school is awarded a certificate for demonstrating the best use of creative expression for community outreach for department of environment, Government of NCT, Delhi.

Committed to bring a green school, we are one of the lead eco-club schools of north-west zone. We have 17 schools attached with us. We hold eco-meets for teachers’ training for first aid, fire fighting, and e-waste management and help other school to add to the greenery of the planet. Regular workshops and training programmes are conducted for teachers and students of other institutions to provide inputs and spread awareness.


Our green initiatives extend to the infrastructure and beyond

Ø  A QMS EMS Certified Institution

Ø  R.O Technology for Water Purification

Ø  Reuse of Water from R.O Plant for Watering Plants

Ø  Rain Water Harvesting- to raise Ground Water Levels

Ø  Regular Checks for Clean Water

Ø  Vermi-Composting unit for Eco friendly Manure

Ø  Waste water Recycling

Ø  Herb Garden

Ø  Solar Lights

Ø  Recycling of Waste Paper

Ø  Exhaust Fans powered by Wind Energy

Ø  Micro Techniques in Labs to reduce Chemical pollution

Ø  Segregation of Waste into Biodegradable and Non Bio-degradable

Ø  E-waste Management

Ø  Eco Brigade

Ø  Noise Pollution Control Unit

Ø  Fire Extinguishers

Ø  Emergency Exits

Ø  Emergency Drills

Ø  Fire Alarms

Ø  Environment Online Certified

Ø  Vasundhara Club

Ø  Participant  in Swach Bharat Swach Vidyalaya Campaign



The Vasundhara Club of the school seeks to cultivate Eco Warriors who ensure that conservation and preservation are the first principles of maintenance of resources.

Awareness Campaigns & Plantation Drives, Conservation strategies and various other methods are used to help inculcate a sense of responsibility towards the planet in our young learners.

The Water Brigade ensures that there are no leakages in water taps and outlets. Regular cleaning of R.O Plant, Overhead and Underground tanks are undertaken periodically. Water is checked through DJB checks and measures to ensure purity of drinking water

The young messengers of the Vasundhara Club participate in Nukkad Nataks and awareness rallies in the neighbourhood and the RWA to spread the message of protecting the planet.

The club members conduct various campaigns like water pledge, plantation drives. Rallies, Nukkad Natak, Awareness Campaigns, Adoption of waste land for greening etc.

Signature Campaigns, Earth Hour, Earth Week , No Litter Lunch, Zero Plastic Drive and other such drives are launched periodically at school. The trickle- down effect is seen in homes and neighbourhood too.

SEWA for junior students make them aware of their role in nurturing plants and carrying the message to society and their homes.

Anti cracker Rally, street plays  and various  competitions and activities which are a part of the school Planner seek to ensure that green values are ingrained for life. The students are members of Kids for Tigers and other such organizations which work for the conservation of endangered animals. It is a tradition to give saplings to visitors and guest as mementoes.

 Solar energy a renewable source of energy is tapped by installation of photo voltaic lights for use in Solar Lights installed in the school.

The Health and Wellness club conducts activities which seek to groom physically fit and mentally alert citizens of the nation.

The Anti Cracker Campaign ensures that children do not burst crackers during the festival of lights. The active campaign launched with Anti Cracker Rallies and Street plays is an attempt to drive home the need to bring the children at work in the cracker factories to school.

E-waste management collection drives are regularly conducted. Disposing e-waste responsibly is an awareness that the school seeks to spread.

The Vasundhara club hosts ’Green Gold- An Inter school event in which schools from all over Delhi participate in numerous competitions like plays, debates, one act play, poster making competitions etc.

Weekly havans conducted as per vedic rites to help purify the atmosphere and create a sense of well being among all the members of the school.

The school cafeteria maintains high standard of hygiene. No junk food or aerated drinks are served. The principle of FIFO is followed religiously. Clean, nutritious and fresh food is served to children.

The infirmary maintain regular health charts, conducts health checkups, dental camps and wellness workshops to add to the good health and hygiene regime. Waste disposal is done as per strict norms.

Fire Extinguishers and Emergency exit plans along with regular emergency drills ensure the safety and security of members

In an attempt to reduce the carbon foot print we use a system of automated records and results to save paper.

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