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DAV United

The school’s Alumni DAV United helps former students maintain connections with their Alma mater and fellow students across the world and time. It provides a forum for the mentorship programme wherein established alumni members share their wealth of experience and growth process with school students.
The Annual Reunion serves as a meeting ground for ex-students across the years and deepens the sense of belongingness and pride in being a member of the KHMS family. Besides sponsoring various prizes and scholarships in co-curricular fields, DAV United is also associated with the social endeavours of the school and offers its services for career counselling, financial literacy programmes as well as several social community projects like Blood Donation Camps and many more. The DAV United festival and the Cricket league are also some of the pioneering unifying platforms provided by the alumni for the alumm, students and Parents.A dedicated alumni office serves all the needs of the alumni at school. 
Some of our alumni members are currently in well placed positions in several multi -national corporations like Google, Amazon etc. Some occupy renowned governmental positions; others have carved a niche for themselves in the field of law as advocates and judges with several landmark judgments to their credit. Yet others are celebrated media personalities and stars in their own right.