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Admission Rules for Class XI

Pre-School - The school admits students in Pre School as per the guidelines and rules of the Directorate of Education. The school year begins in March/April every year.

Class XI - Admission to Class XI is not automatic and cannot be claimed as a matter of right. However the school does not deny admission to any student passing class X examination provided he/she agrees to take up the stream allotted to him/her. Irregularity in attendance or any adverse report by the teacher in class X can affect his/ her prospects of admission. The school reception will provide information regarding the date and time of interview on the day the result of Class X is declared.

The criteria and procedure for admission and allotment of stream is given below:

Criteria for Admission in Different Streams (Class XI)

Science Stream

75% and above in aggregate, 75% in English Maths and Science. (Medical & Non-Medical)

Commerce Stream

with Maths

75% and above in aggregate, 75% and above in English and Maths

without Maths

65% and above in aggregate

Humanities 1

55% and above in aggregate, 55% and above in English and Social Science

Humanities 2

75% and above in aggregate, 75% and above in English and Maths


50 and above


40% and above

In case of External Admission

Students are selected on the basis of interview and MCQ based on general awareness and aptitude.

The subjects to be assessed for each stream are given below:


English, Science, Maths


English, Maths


English, Social Science


English, Social Science

Subjects offered are:


Eng., Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths/Psychology

Non Medical

Eng., Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Engg. Graphics/Computer Sci/Economics


English, Accountancy, B. Studies, Eco, Maths/H.Sc./I.P

Humanities 1

English, Geography, History, Pol. Sc., Home Sc./Physical Education/Music.

Humanities 2

English, History, Psychology, Mathematics/ Physical Education/ H.Sc./ Fine arts, Economics/ Pol. Science.


English, Home Science, Garment Construction-I/ IT 1, Elements of Design/ IT 2, Introduction to Fashion Industry/ Music/ Fine arts