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Social Projects  

KHMS seeks to give back to society a little bit of all that it has received through its social initiatives. Early on children are sensitized to their social responsibilities through various projects, campaigns and rallies in which they participate.

Campaigns and Drives

The Swachh Bharat Swachh Vidyalaya Campaign is an on-going project. Each year the students devote time to cleaning the surroundings of the school, the neighborhood area and adjoining parks.

Shramdaan is a regular weekly feature through which students understand the dignity of labour and appreciate the school helpers.

Visits to SOS Village , Balgram, Old Age home with gifts, donations, rations etc. sensitize students to the plight of the needy, old and infirm.

Rallys are organised on various occasions to spread awareness in the neighbourhood and surroundings helps students realize their roles as ambassadors to a good cause.

Students stage performances of street plays during PTMs, Science Fairs, at RWA gatherings and public places like Delhi Haat before Diwali in order to spread the message of No-Cracker Diwali’ and Paryavaran Bachao’

Plantation Drives on Vanmahotsav, Earth Day and International Peace Day are our way of greening the city. Each child plants a tree on his birthday, children nurture the tiny saplings and watch them blossom during their SEWA projects.

ENO Online initiative wherein the school associates with countries across the world to conduct plantation drives and plant trees inthe surrounding areas.

Adoption of Neighbourhood Park

The school has adopted a park in the neighbourhood area and children devote time for its maintenance and upkeep.


Various donations like toy donation, donation of warm clothes, blood donation camps, are held regularly and specially during times of distress and need.

These social initiatives help create a sense of apathy and responsibility amongst the students thus ensuring that they grow into socially aware , responsible , caring and concerned future citizens of the world.

"Feed the Needy'  Project  under the banner of Give Something Back to Society, wherein students shared a meal with needy in their neighbourhood..

‘ Daan Utsav’ - Joy of Giving

Students are motivated to donate in cash or kind in their capacity to learn and feel the joy of giving. A giving event could be as simple as a family taking out their maid’s children for an ice cream party, or as large as a ‘Gift Compassion’. More than 3000 students donate annually during the ‘International Non-Violence Week’. 


 A unique concept where a section of a street or road is kept closed for cars, scooters and other automobiles for fixed hours. It is then open for the public exclusively for walking, jogging, cycling, skating, exercising etc. Students participated at Raahgiri at Connaught place and Dwarka.

Presentation of awareness street plays, rallys etc help students connect with the general audience.

Mentoring  Parents

We have also initiated a Basic Computer Course and English conversation classes for parents of students studying under the Right To Education Act and for our learners from the Community to fulfill our commitment of empowering them.

Adopted School

We continue to mentor our adopted neighborhood Government schools, Swami Dayananad Secondary and NP Girls Senior Secondary School in their development, both infrastructural as well as operational. Workshop sessions and competitions have been organized for them; their participation at school programmes has been welcomed.

Visit to Nigam Pratibha Kanya School

The school is supported by our parent club, RCDGC. The students visited the school on 27th August, 2015 to celebrate the launching of the ‘WASH’ (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) Programme in the school with the R.I. President K. R. Ravindran, District Governor – Rtn. Sudhir Mangla, Members of RCDGC and the students and teachers of the school. [WASH promotes ideas of self hygiene, proper sanitation and awareness regarding water borne diseases.

The excellent work done by our Interact Club has also been appreciated tremendously. The club received a Citation for exemplary work from the Rotary Club.

Volunteer As Scribes

Students from std. IX and XI volunteer as scribes in the Public Examination.

Serving Humanity

Donations of Toys, Books, warm clothes, medicines, food grains and monetary help for various NGOs working for the benefit of the needy and underprivileged like Cancer Foundation, Old Age homes, Orphanages, and for Victims of Natural disasters.

Donations are given to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund and several other organizations.

Manovikas Kendra

Kulachi Manovikas Kendra was conferred with the prestigious ‘School Excellence Award 2016’ in a glittering ceremony on February 4 by ‘Brainfeed’ magazine for being one of the top 5  ‘Special Education Schools of India’ Category. The school has been bestowed with the award for effectively and efficiently imparting quality education to the differently-abled and for immense contribution to society.

Kulachi Hansraj Manovikas Kendra seeks to make a seamless transition into a new educational environment for its special children.