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Kulachi Hansraj Model School, established in 1972, a premier institution of DAV is located in one of the greenest areas of North Delhi. Established by visionaries Shri. DarbariLal Ji and founder Principal Smt. Santosh Taneja, the school started small with just a handful of students and few dedicated teachers. It moved onward and forward and grew from strength to strength, adding classrooms, floors, buildings and campuses as the strength increased.
Known to be one of the most progressive schools of the area providing inclusive education, Kulachi Hansraj Model School achieved numerous milestones along its 4 decade long journey - 3 huge campuses, large playgrounds, a fleet of buses, a 800 seating capacity auditorium, 2 open air theatres, 3 large halls, 150 smart classrooms, a fully equipped conference hall, technology enabled resource rooms, ATL lab,  well equipped labs, 13 fully automated computer labs,Fully digitised shrimati Santosh taneja memorial digital library, fully automated libraries and office blocks, solar lights, exhaust fans, 6580 students, 235 fully trained dedicated staff members, Supervisory Heads, Headmistress and Principal Ms. Sneh Verma.
The leading school is ISA certified, Microsoft School and maintains a global outlook towards education. It is committed to help young learners become effective global citizens. The school collaborates with schools and people all over the world in order to help. Being EMS  certified it fulfills the norms of a Green School.
KHMS, with its motto of ‘Asto Ma Sadgamaya’ from darkness towards light, has spread the light of education in the lives of thousands since its inception. It aims to continue taking great strides towards providing education to the common man. It provides a total learning experience to the students who enter the hallowed portals of the institution preparing them for life. With the knowledge of Vedas and the rich heritage of Vedic culture and values, the school cultivates not just the intellect but also nurtures highly principled, spiritually strong and morally compassionate individuals who can handle the world with balance, composure and equanimity.
Nursery Celebrates Childhood. We endeavour to nurture the creativity of our tiny tots with love, patience and dedication. Our activity-based curriculum is child-friendly.
Learning at the Nursery is full of fun and joie-de-vivre as the tiny tots learn independence and develop their physical and motor skills. They learn to share and create bonds for life. Children learn through play and fun.
The Early Education Development is a highly scientific and well-developed program which seeks to provide learners experiential learning and monitor growth continuously and comprehensively without bringing in formal testing at this tender age. It is a methodology that includes games and activities to teach concepts and includes trips, walks and hands–on learning, group activities, phonetics, sight-impact cards, flash cards etc. to make learning interesting and retentive. A wide range of activities of the Early Education Development Programme provide ample of scope of learning with zest and enthusiasm.
Being full air conditioned, with play facilties-swimming pool, muddy room, the nursery provides a superlative learning experience for the child who moves out of home for the first time.
Learning @ Primary
The formal learning process begins with a host of activities to ensure holistic development in a perfectly harmonized atmosphere.
Students participate in class, house activities and competitions, Project Days, Celebration of Special Days, Assemblies, Festivals, Presentations, Debates, Skits, Dance all provide ample opportunities to enable learning and maximize potential.
As the child advances in years, the Primary section caters to his growing needs through a variety of additional activities, sports  coaching classes and clubs and competitions. Children easily adapt to various different groups and become effective members of the house-system. They grow up to be good followers as well as team leaders thus laying strong foundation of individuals who will be effective global future citizens of an evolving society.
The school aims to equip young learners with skills to face the challenges of the future. They learn to work together and share. They inculcate the spirit of respect and responsibility towards all living creatures and the bio-diversity. A sense of multi pluralism and democratic beliefs nurture in them a desire to bring peace and contribute towards society by working towards justice, peace and equality.
The concept of assessments assumes enormous significance in this context as it seeks to develop all the domains of a child’s personality. The comprehensive system of evaluation cultivates the multiple intelligences of the learners to develop as holistically balanced personalities.
Academic Growth Towards Excellence At Senior Wing
Young adults are steered to develop inter-personal communication and leadership skills in order to help them chose their life paths and adapt to the changing needs of society by widening their outlook. Learning at KHMS accentuates the process of capacity building and imparting true knowledge to multi-skill development.
At KHMS we train young adults to be balanced socially adapted humane students, who effectively use information with their varied competencies to contribute positively to the enhancement of quality of life. Free flow of knowledge beyond boundaries is the mantra at Kulachi.
The focus in the Secondary and Senior Secondary classes is primarily on academic excellence. The young students are provided ample opportunities to develop not only their aesthetic sensibilities but also nurture values of fine citizens of the nation. Being part of clubs like KHMS Global, Rotary, Vasundhara, Tech4Us, Health and wellness  instills in them the habits and conventions to give back to society a little of all that they receive and fulfill their social responsibilities.
The school seeks to nurture talent through Physical Education, Fine Arts, theatre, technology, textile designing and various other fields thus allowing scope of development in alternative careers. Creative and critical thinking, decision making, logical and analytical reasoning, communication skills confidence and life-skills are some of the multiple aspects of responsible behaviour which are cultivated in every child at Kulachi. The school believes that every child has undiscovered potential. He only needs to be polished till every facet shines through with its own brilliance.
KHMS thus imparts as education by which character is formed, strength of body and mind increased manifold and the intellect expanded. It aims to encourage thinking beyond the ordinary and cultivate innovation and freshness in thought and action. No child is bound by any limits. The sky is the limit for every Kulachian.