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To strengthen the edifice of the temple of learning, DAV has initiated Capacity Building programme for teachers to ensure professional excellence. As one of the most demanding professions which runs on a parallel tracks of effectiveness and excellence, it is imperative that teachers are constantly improving and strengthening the base of education.

An effective Programme of teachers training as devised by DAVCMC, seeks to help teachers keep abreast with not just the latest innovation in pedgogy but also make sample papers, create a core group to focus on academic enrichment, analyze student performance and work upon better reminded and diagnostic strategies to enhance performance of the students.

To create a transparent and clean assessment blueprint to enable not just the students but to help teachers figure out the level of achievement of the learning objectives planned. It seeks to provide concrete feedback and provide insights into improving their own abilities.

The professional development programme based on the pillar of research and development involved  master trainers and teachers mentors whoi are constantly updated and further this knowledge among the teaching group.