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Tech-Enabled Classes  

Over 150 smart rooms are fully functional to make the teaching-learning process richer and enable the delivery of content through the latest technology.
Learning has extended beyond classrooms, to the globe with e-connections and digital technology. All classrooms are equipped with smart boards, scanners, wall-mounted projectors, surround sound speakers and built in soft resources to provide a 360 degree learning experience.
Students and teachers are partners on an e-learning platform with the rich digital media learning content available. Students are able to comprehend and internalize abstract concepts and view the fourth dimension too.
The school has a vast repository of digital instructional material, customized by the teachers to cater to the diverse needs of the learners. The resources are regularly updated and modified to suit the changing curriculum enhancement in content, alteration in pedagogy.
The digital curriculum unfolds from Pre-school to class XII covering all subjects offered.
Teachers are provided regular in-service training and support in content development, programme enhancement technique enrichment, technological advancement to add value to learning.