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Prefectorial Board  
Student Council
A carefully selected Student-Council contributes to the smooth functioning of curricular and co-curricular activities. The council members work as a team to ensure an efficient regulatory system. They assist by volunteering at required times and places and form the backbone of the school administration.
This year in the Senior Wing, a change was planned as it was observed that class XII students were not able to give enough time to duties due to their Board Year. It was decided that the entire student council including the rank holders, house captains and prefects will be chosen from class XI. The new council comprises of the Head Boy, Head Girl, Vice Head Boy, Vice Head Girl, Prefects and house captains.
The Prefectorial Council in the Primary Wing is led by the Head Boy and the Head Girl, House Captains and the Vice-Captains of the six houses along with the Prefects.
Head Boy Chirag Bansal XI F
Head Girl Goma Arora XI E
Vice Head Boy Sarthak Garg  XI E
Vice Head Girl Ananya Virdy XI F
PREFECTS 2019-20
S.No. Name Of The Student Class & Section
1. Khushi Sharma XI A
2. Saumya Jain XI B
3. Priyanvada Shastri XI B
4. Priyanshi Dwivedi XI C
5. Isha Wadhwan XI C
6. Tisha Ahuja XI E
7. Sanya Gupta XI E
8. Divya Jain XI E
9. Lavanya Kundra XI J
10. Sneha Jain XI J
11. Rashmeet Kaur XI J
12. Tarushi Saini XI J
13. Lara Gautam XI J
14. Manu XI J
15. Chahat Sachdeva XI J
16. Sarah Husain XI B
17. Harsh Kaushik XI B
18. Vikram Dev XI E
19. Garv Jaiswal XI A
20. Hirath Mahajan XI J
21. Rohan Pahwa XI J
S.No. Name Of The Student Class & Section
1. Muskan Bahree-Dayanand House XI F
2. Jiya Gupta-Hansraj House XI J
3. Anika Verma-Indira House XI F
4. Manshi-Nehru House XI J
5. Kartik Sharma-Tilak House XI J
6. Shantanu Jha-Vivekanand House XI J