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Brain Gym Exercise session by SIP Academy
Event Start Date : 10/08/2018 Event End Date 10/08/2018

Conducted by SIP Academy


  • To improve concentration and focus of students.
  • To work upon better visual memory and listening.
  • To boost child's self-esteem and confidence level.
  • To improve creativity and communicative skills.
  • To work upon arithmetic skills.
  • To share tips and tricks for better analytical ability among students.

Brain Gym is a researched set of exercises to DESTRESS, RELAX AND ACTIVATE the brain. Brain Gym Session was conducted by SIP Academy for students of classes VII and VIII. It was a really interesting session which focussed on ways and means to boost the analytical skills of students. Students were apprised about mind relaxing exercises which they enjoyed trying themselves. Interesting exercises like thinking cap for improvement in listening, positive points to improve focus and retention, owls hoot to relax neck and shoulders while studying and lazy eight for relaxing eye muscles were shared with the students. The session also focussed upon concentration and focus, memory, academics, physical coordination, self responsibility and analytical skills. All the aspects of the session were interesting.


The session seemed to have a very positive impact on the students. They grasped all the tips, tricks and interesting facts shared during the session. It was exhilarating to see the students so intrigued towards listening carefully to everything shared during the session especially the destressing, improving concentration exercises. Also, the students showed enthusiasm in attempting the written analytical test conducted by SIP Academy!


Photo Link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/pdLqvsAz36j7Te9w7

Photo Link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/nArubh9LJyfHFXyC9