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Assembly Class-8 A, D, G, J (Theme: Hardwork is the key to success)
Event Start Date : 24/08/2018 Event End Date 24/08/2018

’The real key to success is hardwork and determination!’

Keeping in mind the theme, the assembly commenced with something eye catching, an intriguing magic show by Kashish Gulati of VIII-A. It was something really unique and enjoyed by all present. The importance of hardwork was highlighted through an inspiring speech by Snighdha of class VIII-D. One can achieve a lot by doing hard-work. The same was exhibited by an energetic Taekwondo performance by Vansh Rally of VIII-J which was appreciated by everyone. A short yet meaningful play was performed by students to aptly convey the message that nothing can match up with the outcome/result that one gets by doing hard-work, not even any medicine to achieve the desired goal. A melodious song was sung by students encouraging everyone to choose the path of working hard in life for fruitful results!!!


The hard-work put in by the students reaped a positive result as the students as well as teachers showed a lot of interest in watching all the performances which was applauded and appreciated. Everyone could easily connect to theme of the assembly which helped in conveying the message of doing ‘Consistent hard-work’ easily!!!

Budding Photographers: Aman-7F, Anubhav-8-J KHMS Mirage


Photo Link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/utAAES2UrsLp8y7j7