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Video Conference with Oltea Doamna, Romania on SDG5 Gender Equality
Event Start Date : 20/11/2018 Event End Date 20/11/2018

A Video conference was organised with a partner school in Romania Oltea Doamna on the topic SDG 5 GENDER EQUALITY. Students from Kulachi Hansraj model School discussed about population growth index, healthcare of women in India and various laws implemented by government for empowering and uplifting women in various sectors in India.

The discussion gave an insight to how Romanian women are empowered. The students of both the schools also discussed about innovative ways on strategies that can be included in the classroom to maintain gender equality.

The conversation gave interesting knowledge about the global scenario and various steps taken by other countries on the road to achieve gender equality.

Student shared various posters displaying beautiful and colourful slogans on spreading awareness about the goal.

The Romanian School shared with us that the country commemoration of 100 years since the Great Unification. 1918. The Great Unification in 1918 resulted in all the historical provinces inhabited by Romanians to get together, within one single country, Romania.

We congratulate our partners school for such proud celebrations.

A heartfelt gratitude to Supervisory Head ma’am Ms Rashmi Kathuria for connecting us with partner school and all help and support.

Thanks to partner school coordinator Ms. Mirela Tanc for accepting our invitation for communication and collaboration.

Sincere gratitude towards Principal ma’am Ms Sneh Verma for adding international dimension to KHMS and inspiration.