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Special Assembly- 9 A, D, G & J : Theme- Gender Equality
Event Start Date : 05/12/2018 Event End Date 05/12/2018

UNICEF says gender equality "means that women and men, and girls and boys, enjoy the same rights, resources, opportunities, and protections. It does not require that girls and boys, or women and men, be the same, or that they are treated exactly alike. With the above-stated theme of achieving gender equality, Special Assembly was conducted on 5th Dec 2018 under the impeccable guidance of our honorable Madam Principal Ms.Sneh Verma, Ms.Yashu Chhabra Supervisory Head (9-10) and Ms. Rashmi Kathuria Supervisory Head(7-8). To witness and encourage young minds special invitees Mr. Nik Kafka, CEO, Teach a Man to Fish, NGO based in the UK and his family members along with Principal ma’am, teachers and students were invited for Reward ceremony of Udaan Creating Identity a Kulachi Enterprise as a part of School Enterprise Challenge. The profit earned is used for various purposes especially in providing aid to underprivileged children and children of Manovikas. Madam Principal Ms. Sneh Verma and Mr.Nik Kafka distributed profit certificates of the year 2017-18. Ms. Jharna Bhattacharya and two students from Manovikas Kendra received the certificate of profit sharing.

Special assembly began with a welcome speech by class 9J students-Bhumika Gulyani and Yamini Tiwari, followed by presenting planters by Madam Principal to our Special guest and his family. The assembly was addressed by honorable Madam Principal Ms.Sneh Verma welcoming our guest Mr.Nik Kafka and his family, she laid importance on the role of entrepreneurship, how to guide them to become future entrepreneurs and also talked about globalizing education.

Our bright young commandos Aarav Batra , Yashika Gupta ,Jayati Ahuja and our choir group with their enthusiastic drum beats commenced the assembly.

The Rubik's Cube has become a worldwide craze which is taken as one of the important tools in initiating problem solving skills in children. The final round of the Rubik's cube was conducted by class 8 students, followed by the announcement of winners during the assembly.

Manga High is an online maths competition at national and international level. It is Kulachi's third year of participating in manga high,a maths marathon in which children spend 12 days and uncountable hours. Children of various classes were accoladed an given away gold medals and certificates.

Our prestigious guest Mr. Nik Kafka addressed the students and children by giving thank you note and also by telling the importance of establishing the skill of entrepreneurship.

Children of class IX A,D,J and G collaborated together to depict through stage presentation, the pivotal role played by various social activist in rendering social equality. The stage presentation was further taken to next level by a heartwarming self written poem “Equality for All”recited by Khyati Wasson of class IX J. The assembly was concluded by an eye-opener play on gender equality collectively by the students to depict how different inequalities prevailing in rural and urban society affect the society as a whole.. Inequality does not refer to inequality done against women but again men women children and transgenders. Children with their commendable efforts presented the flawless program and also depicted how school guide and help children in assimilating various social issues emerging in our society and how to act actively in providing and sensitizing other children.

CTs Ms Ranjani Bahadur, Ms Rachna Madan, Ms Ruchi Arora, Ms Prerna Agrawal

Gratitude to Principal Ms. Sneh Verma for encouragement and inspiration.