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Visit to National Science Centre-7B
Event Start Date : 07/12/2018 Event End Date 07/12/2018

I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand!”

The National Science Centre is a science museum that is engaged in popularisation of science among the students.

At the reception amphitheatre, the students were given a brief introduction to the world of science by the educators of the centre. The centre has six halls full of intriguing and hands-on participatory exhibits. The students were ecstatic about the exhibition halls, especially the galleries ‘Our Science and Technology Heritage’ , ‘The March of Information Revolution’ and ‘Prehistoric’ Life Gallery’. Besides these, there were small, but attention grabbing exhibits like the magic tap which gushes forth water suspended in space without any inlet, a harp, where merely moving ones hands creates music and a maze of mirrors which gives illusionary effect which evoked much interest in students.

The students also attended the shows based on various aspects of science which were organized by the centre. These shows were very informative and students enjoyed them much. The shows were Science Show (students got insight into the concepts of air pressure, tesla coil and static energy), three-d Dinosaur Show (models of dinosaurs from prehistoric times with special effect), The Blue Planet-Science on Sphere show (related to stars and solar system) and the Holo show (three-d videos describing all the organ systems inside a human body).

The students enjoyed the most, hands on exhibits like mirror maze, balance your body, transfer of momentum, floating ball, world of symmetry, fun mirror, freeze your shadow, head on the platter, lift yourself to name a few.Students also noted various important points in their notebooks.

After visiting the centre the children enjoyed their lunch with their friends in the cafeteria and relaxed for a bit.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the visit and the plethora of exhibits left them mesmerised. The students were really drawn into the magical world of science which greatly inspired them. The trip was an enriching experience replete with a lot of learning. Also, it was exhilarating to see the students scribble notes in their diary. It was indeed a mindblowing edutainment for the children.

Thanks to Supervisory Head Ms. Rashmi Kathuria for constant support and encouragement.

Gratitude to Principal Ms. Sneh Verma ma'am for motivation and inspiration.

Report and Photography by Ms. Gunpreet