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Visit to National Science Centre: Report by CT 7D
Event Start Date : 07/12/2018 Event End Date 07/12/2018

‘Knowledge comes from learning.

Wisdom Comes from living.’

To stir scientific curiosity in the impressionable minds of young learners, a trip to the National Science centre was organized. The centre contains an array of interesting and hands-on participatory exhibits that are manifested in various galleries like- Fun Science Gallery, Prehistoric life Gallery, Human Biology Gallery, Emerging Technology Gallery, Informational Revolution Gallery and Heritage Gallery. These galleries displayed and demonstrated progress and achievements in various fields of Science and Technology.

At the reception arena, students were briefed about the world of Science by the educators of the centre. The effervescent students first visited ‘Science on Sphere’- a room-sized global display system wherein children were acquainted with various facts related to the Universe, galleries, constellations and mother earth.

The gallery based on ‘Human Biology’ portrayed various aspects of the human body. Here children were given a deep insight into the origin, composition, and working of the human body via a 15 minutes short film screened in a holographic theatre.

Students also visited the ‘Fun Science Gallery’- an arena replete with various hands-on exhibits portraying the fundamentals of Science.

Besides these, there were also various multifaceted exhibits, that intrigued the budding cygnets. Some of them being the Magic Tap, World of Symmetry, Variable Pendulum, Trickling Drops, Impossible Mixture, Express Route, Acrobatic Stick, Transfer of Momentum, Head on a Platter and so on.

The elevated students enjoyed these exhibits and noted down various important points and fun facts in their notebooks.

The trip was indeed a unique learning experience for the students as it aimed to empower and equip the children with direct scientific experiences of life making school life more congenial for them.

Thanks to Supervisory Head ma'am Rashmi Kathuria. Gratitude to respected Principal ma'am Ms.Sneh Verma for inspiration.

Report and photographs by Ms. Princi.