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Capacity Building Workshop for DAV Science teachers of cluster 1
Event Start Date : 16/02/2019 Event End Date 16/02/2019

Report by Ms. Rashima

Name of the resource persons : Ms Anuradha Mathur Ms Rajju Sachdev

Venue : Kulachi Hansraj model School , Ashok Vihar

The agenda of the workshop was introduced to us by Ms Yashu Chhabra . Ma’am highlighted the differences between learning objectives and learning outcomes. She said that learning outcomes are child- centred and should be focussed upon by us . She also encouraged us to be well- versed with the Learning Outcomes given by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India for classes 6 to 8.

The first session was taken up by Ms Anuradha Mathur. It’s always a treat to hear her. This session was attended by all the teachers of the Science Department from class 6 to class 10 in the school’s Auditorium .

Ma’am talked about understanding learning objectives and learning outcomes. She talked about a need to consider learning outcomes, mysteries of learning outcomes, outcome based teaching, hurdles, writing and analysing learning objectives and learning outcomes. She also emphasized upon the difference between goals and objectives. Goals are more broader and have a longer time frame, whereas objectives are shorter and have a shorter time frame . She said that we should consider goal essential learning outcomes for the students' entire formal educational experience. We as teachers need to impart knowledge, skills as well as competencies for the ever changing world to our learners . Ma’am said that scriptful, mindful lesson planning and mindful learning outcomes would help us in making our teaching effective and would also create an emotional environment in the class. After the above session the teachers were divided into five groups for the next session: Primary, Middle, Secondary Physics, Secondary Chemistry and Secondary Biology.

The session for the teachers teaching Classes 6 to 8 (Middle group) was taken up by Ms Rajju Sachdev , in Seminar Room Number 2. Ma’am guided us in making questions of various topics of Class 6 to 8 ; keeping the learning outcomes in mind. Teachers shared the questions made by them and it was wonderful to get new ideas of conceptual based questions which were never asked before.

Both the sessions were highly engaging and would help us to make our teaching effective in future.