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Blessings Hawan Class 10
Event Start Date : 19/02/2019 Event End Date 19/02/2019

The students of Class 10 Academic Session 2018-19 heralded the day with the lighting of candles. Each lit candle was a symbol of prayer.The candles lit together in harmony were the silent beacons of shared love and goodwill pouring on all students from their friends and faculty.

Sitting together in front of the ‘havan kund ‘, each child was a picture of concentration following the rituals verbatim.The ancient ritual of performing havan has scientific belief in being a source of purifying atmosphere and the capacity of rejuvenating the mind.The havan rituals were conducted with fervor Students followed the instructions

given by Mr Gajendra Shastri carefully. The entire auditorium was reverberating with the chant of mantras.

Following which the students were blessed by Principal Mam and Supervisory Head Yashu Mam. Each stressed the need to reach the Examination Centre well in time keeping in mind the vagaries of traffic.The taughts were told to eat healthy, do their revision and be stress free for the nearing board exams.The children were channelised towards positive thoughts and energy.

Finally floral blessings were bestowed to the great delight of students who then trooped to their respective classrooms and were handed their Admit Cards to a world of endeavor and success.

Report By

Ms Anjana Taneja