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Capacity Building Workshop for DAV English teachers of cluster 1
Event Start Date : 16/02/2019 Event End Date 16/02/2019

Report by: Ms. Gunpreet

”When we learn a skill, we need to practice that skill!”

The session commenced with a video on ‘Context Clues’ taken from youtube channel ‘snaplanguage’. It was followed by an exercise based on the video. Another video was also shared which was more of fun to watch keeping in mind the concept of reduplication of words. Before tea break an activity was conducted in groups of eight where-in teachers dramatized classroom scenario and discussed various behavioural issues faced in the class.

Post tea break Ms. Ira Sehgal (resource person from outside) shared ample activities that can be conducted in class to polish nuances of language. She shared the following activities as tools for teaching language:

Vocabulary learning via sentence formation

Word games using alphabets

Vocabulary building via word associations

Self styled scrabble

Pick up a song for building language

Descriptive and action words

Games using rhyming words

Creating sentence structures

Grammar through games

The resource person focussed on teaching language naturally by creating a natural environment for learning.

Post lunch break everyone was given newspapers to create activities based on the same that can be conducted in class. Various creative activities were shared like article based reading comprehension, descriptive writing, word of the day, speaking tree, homophones, short stories, scrabble, searching difficult words from the newspaper, debate using headlines, current topics for writing skills, just a minute jam session, word search etc. All the ideas were really resourceful.

Thanks to host school Principal Ms. Anita Wadehra.

Gratitude to Principal ma'am Ms. Sneh Verma.