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Au Revoir- Ms. Sadhna Madan, Ms. Jolly Koshy
Event Start Date : 17/05/2019 Event End Date 17/05/2019

Principal’s Message

Ms. Sadhna Madan says goodbye to us after rendering 35 years of dedicated services to Kulachi Hansraj Model School. She joined our institution in the year 1984 as TGT Hindi. She was upgraded to PGT in 1989. She has been the Head of the Hindi Department  since 2009.

Hindi, I feel is the soul of Indian Culture. The National Language of India, spoken by millions of people not only in the native country but also in several other countries, Hindi is a very melodious and phonetic language. And for Sadhna, I can say, that she is a person who is passionately in love with the language. She has been a resource person for Hindi in the DAVCMC for almost 10 years. Her students have maintained the tradition of excellent results in the Board Examination. Worth mentioning here is the result this year, 3 students of her class got 100/100 in Hindi in Class X. In 2008,the Hindi Academy felicitated her with Shikshak Samman for excellent results I CBSE.  It was she who began with usage of computers in framing the question paper in Hindi. She realises that a piece of well written literature can have a lasting impact on our emotions, on our behaviour and our value systems. Apart from being an excellent teacher, she has been organising events like Hindi Diwas, Smriti Diwas and Santosh Taneja Memorial Debate Competition, and also Inter House and Inter School Activities year after year. She has been wielding her pen for ‘Jan Satta’ Newspaper and ‘Hindi Chetna’, a quarterly paper in Canada contributing value based articles from time to time.

She is also spiritual inclined. She is a staunch believer of Brahma Kumari’s and she draws a lot of positive energy by listening to their lectures.

Post retirement she has many plans. Learning to play musical instruments is one of her desires. Also she wants to play the role of a care-giver in “Asha” An Institute for dementia patients.

I wish her all the best in all her endeavours. May you be successful and lead a contented, peaceful relaxed retired life.

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Jolly Koshy,  the nurse in our medical room, also says goodbye to us today. Jolly joined our school in the year 1983. Since then dispensing comfort, compassion and caring for the students is her prime concern. Nurse is a person who is  strong enough to tolerate everything and soft enough to understand everyone. Nursing is no easy job. You need to spend hours on your feet, providing first aid to the needy. In a school whose strength is approximately 3,000 students, managing a medical room can be a herculean task with students getting minor ailments every day. We have seen the medical room thronging with students many a times. Apart from dealing with minor ailments, Annual medical check-up is also conducted for students  wherein records of Height, Weight, Eye-Sight are all maintained. Contacting the parents if the child is not well, informing the respective Incharge in-case the child has left for home early, shifting the child to the hospital in emergencies all come under her work profile.

Presently, Jolly is going through a very difficult period at the domestic front. May God give her strength to cope up with the ordeals of life.

Retirement, I feel, is a time to look back with admiration and a time to look forward with anticipation. We wish both of you a new journey of success and happiness in the new page of your life. May you both be showered with abundant opportunities to do what your heart desires. May God give you health and energy, peace and contentment in life.

All the best!

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