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Event Start Date : 28/12/2019 Event End Date 28/12/2019

The school had a privilege to organize a seminar / workshop under the aegis of SAI (Sports authority of India) in collaboration with C.B.S.E., which was attended by physical education teachers of several schools. Ms. Divya Sharma and Mr. Roshan Tiwari were the resource persons. The main motive of this program was "mass participation of students in sports activities" and of course "the search of "hidden talent" in schools. The program's main attraction was the "App" which was to be installed by physical education teachers, explaining the process of conducting the fitness test decided by honorable SAI officials and awarding the students according to the performance. This smart "App" which was explained in deep to us by resource persons, telling about its functions, contained all the data related to various tests for the students and their performance. Soon as the performance of the students was recorded in the form of data and his/her ID would be scanned, the performance data would automatically be transferred to CBSE and SAI authorities. This app is designed in such a way that there can be no mistake in transferring the performance data of the student. This fitness assessment program was divided into two age groups, one from 1 to 9 years of age and the other from 9 to 18 years of age. Each age group have different selected activities / test, which would determine various fitness components of students, like speed, strength endurance, muscular power, arm-eye coordination, foot-eye coordination, agility etc. The resource persons, Ms. Divya Sharma and Mr. Roshan Tiwari did a great job in explaining all the components of the program to each and every one present. They were well versed with the concepts and explain everything, theoretically as well as practically with great ease and comfort. Their interaction with the trainees was satisfactory and up to the mark and their answer all the queries of the trainees satisfactorily. Overall the program was a success under the excellent guidance of our principal ma'am Ms. Sneh Verma, supervisory head Ms. Yashu Kumar and the Physical Education Staff.
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