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Creating Inclusive Classrooms as per New Education Policy 2020 (Ms Rashmi Kathuria and Teachers of classes 7-8)
Event Start Date : 09/09/2021 Event End Date 09/09/2021

Name of Session: Creating Inclusive Classrooms as per New Education Policy 2020
Presided By: Ma’am Principal
Attended By: Ms Rashmi Kathuria and Teachers of classes 7-8
Resource Person(s): Ms Jharna Bhattacharya and Ms Lata Arora
Brief Detail: 
-The session commenced with words of wisdom from ma’am principal. She shared about the need to learn and upgrade oneself for Inclusive Education with patience, one step at a time!
-Special Educator Ms Jharna began on an intriguing note by sharing a case study of a special child. She retorted the need to imbibe confidence in such students as a stepping stone of their foundation. 
-She asked the teachers to observe such students and keep a record of their behaviour. It was suggested to discuss the special cases with special educator/school counsellor and make required modifications in the teaching pedagogy, be it group games, giving simple responsibilities, changing seating arrangement, use of audio-video etc.
-She stressed on highlighting positive qualities of such students and changing mindset, of not just the self, but of the other students too, for acceptance of special children. Parent Counselling of such students is also an important aspect and social skills training must also be considered. 
-School Counsellor Ms Lata further shared about the difference between slow learning and learning disability.
-She shared about the exemption rules of subjects for special children and focussed on the need to be patient with such learners and always listen to them.
Teachers asked questions/doubts from both the resource persons. It was insightfully answered by them. It our responsibility to provide barrier free education to special children which can only come with a positive change in our attitude towards them!