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Greetings on The 69th Republic Day

From the Principal’s Desk


At KHMS we seek to nurture 21st century citizens with diverse perspectives well equipped with the core competencies to tackle the challenges of the future. Developing the essential skills of education; Creativity, Critical thinking, Collaboration, Communication, Compassion, Clarity and Conviction and Cross Cultural Understanding is the prime focus of education at KHMS.
The year 2017 has been declared as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development by the United Nations. This declaration is a unique opportunity to advance the contribution of tourism to the economic, social and environmental sectors by raising awareness.
The World Tourism organisation seeks to facilitate tourism for better understanding, protection for cultural heritage, appreciation of the inherent values of different cultures and countries, better understanding among societies and strengthening World Peace. It will seek to promote international co-operation and support for sustainable tourism as a means of development of the world economy through the implementation of the global code of Ethics for Tourism.
The School Planner for the current session is replete with activities to augment the positive consequences of this year through visits to heritage sites, dialogues, discussions for knowledge creation and opportunities for the youth to cultivate partnerships across the world and make substantial contributions to resolve the burning issues around the globe.
As partners in education, it is critical that we connect and consolidate forces to engage, promote and maximise the contribution of tourism to sustainable development of the economies through conservation, preservation and protection of world resources, inculcate a sense of appreciation and foster respect for global value systems, cultures and traditions while at the same time carrying forward the vedic values of our time honoured traditions with a sense of defined purpose, diligence and dignity to develop Kulachians as worthy global citizens.
Wishing you a year of full of harmony and growth.
Sneh Verma(Ms.)
Message on 69th Republic Day of our Country