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KHMS is a school with a vision to nurture global citizens well-equipped with 21st century skills to tackle the challenges of the changing future. 

To equip the youth with the quintessential skills of Creativity, Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Compassion, Clarity, Conviction, ICT fluency, Cross Cultural Understanding and Career Choice is the prime focus of education at KHMS.

In our journey in the new milennium, we have stepped beyond the four walls of the classroom and established collaborative learning pathways. We have partnered with schools across the globe in order to attain the sustainable development goals set by the United Nations in an effort to transform the world. This collection of 17 inter related global goals covers a broad spectrum of social issues like hunger, poverty, gender equality, environment, water sanitation, social justice etc.

Implementing these goals and translating them to have a positive impact on the national and global development is the need of the hour.

The School Planner for the current session includes a plethora of activities to encourage young Kulachians to contribulte to sustainable development by social, economic and political change by transforming their own behaviour as well as spreading awareness in their immediate neighbourhood.

As partners in education, it is of prime importance that the school and parents collate and consolidate forces to engage and maximise the contribution of the youth to ensure that with the foundation of vedic values and possessing a modern outlook, they develop as worthly citizens of a global force-India.

The School almanac is an indispensible means of communication between the home and institution. The almanac has detailed guidelines of the decorum and rules of the school. You are expected to abide by them in the best interest of your ward. 

Students must bring the almanac to school daily and note all instructions, homework and maintain a record of activities. Instructions and guidelines in the almanac must be read carefully and duly acknowledged on a regular basis.

Wishing you a year of full of peace and progress.

Sneh Verma(Ms.)