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KHMS with its vision to provide exponential learning to 21st century global learners, surges ahead with new milestones and new aspirations each year to bring about a harmonious and synchronized combination of the head, heart and hand in today’s dynamic world.
The year 2019 has been dedicated to raising awareness about languages of indigenous people all over the world by the United Nations general assembly. 
Language is a medium of communication. It defines identity, expression and culture. Language helps us to learn and participate in all aspects of society. The right to use language is a prerequisite for the freedom of thought, opinion and expression. It provides access to education, information and works towards building inclusive societies. 
The year 2019 will help promote understanding and international cooperation, create favourable conditions for knowledge sharing, growth and development. The preservation of these languages is essential for sustainable development. 
At KHMS, we look forward to many more international partnerships and collaborative programmes with schools across the globe to foster understanding and cultural exchange, to equip students with holistic personalities of global citizens who will contribute positively towards the society, nation and the world.
As partners in education, it is of prime importance that the school and parents collate and consolidate forces to engage and maximise the contribution of the youth to ensure that with the foundation of vedic values and possessing a modern outlook, they develop as worthly citizens of a global force-India.
Wishing you a year of full of progressive growth and synchronised development .